Which I need E2 or E1 as soon possible?

Hello guys, I am play this game for a while and from what I hear I need to upgrade low tier first because they are the most easy to use, yet I got 4 six star so I need recommendations which one the most useful or the most easy to upgrade.

Hi Loi Loi, welcome to the AK side of GP!

While it is true that lower rarity units can be useful, you do not need to up all of them, just pick the areas that your 6 stars do not cover.

For example, I can see that you have Exusiai, Ch’en, Hogushima and Ifrit. An E1 Lava and an Amiya, a I would say your DPS is more than sufficient. Your 5 star units are Texas (providing DP generation) and Silence (providing healing)

Therefore, you will want to use low rarity units that cover the areas your high rarity unit do not.

Defenders (Noir Corne or Matterhorn both are great early options), one more vanguard to help Texas (choose between Courier or Fang, no need for both), one more healer to help Silence (Ansel works fine).

You may also want to invest in a second sniper. Snipers are great early game damage sources. Kroos deals very good damage for a 3 star unit. Jessica has her invisibility skills that can be useful even later in the game.

Seeing as your account is relatively new, there is no need to rush for E2. E1 your core squad, then expand from there. E1-ing operators are not that expensive, even for 6 star units, so no worries on the expense!

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Moop has it pretty well covered, so I’ll just tack on a little add-on.

In general, it’s a good idea to get your core team - 2 of each vanguard, healer, defender, caster, sniper, and anyone else who you use in the majority of maps - all to E1 about lvl 40-50 before you start seriously looking at E2’ing anyone. Otherwise you might run into a situation where the one super-powered unit that’s been carrying your group runs into a situation that they’re not as useful, and the rest of the team isn’t able to pick up the slack.

Your 3 stars will be good for covering gaps in your team and getting you through chapter 4 or so - and in particular to help you get those E1 promotion chips for everyone else - but will typically be sidelined after that, though some like Melantha do see some useful endgame content

Also there are at subtypes of units in each class. Vanguard for example has single block vanguards which can only block 1 unit, focus on killing the enemy before another enemy can walk past them, gain +1 DP per kill and usually have better stats than 2 block vanguards, who usually focus on providing some kind of utility to the team like a stun or buff alongside generating DP with their skills.

The point is, try to raise at least 1 unit of each class’ subtype. (Like 1 aoe medic and 1 single target medic) So you can familiarize yourself with how the gameplay is balanced among the different unit subtypes in that class.

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Wow… Oh thx man I can’t decide and pick some random character to go through 3 chapter (I forgot that I post this) anyway you truly help me