Which is the better IV for Hana +atk vs +spd

Been working on this build for a little while now but I think the speed might be a little overkill. So which IV d on you think I should use +atk vs +spd
Here is the build:

  • +spd
  • +atk

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She’s plus spd right now

She wants to one-shot armors ideally, so Atk is better unless you’re trying to be a generalist, in which case +Spd is better


I mean mostly going to stick her somewhere in my arena time and have her kill everything.

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I would say +atk because that’s a lot of spd

Oops i forgot

There’s never a such thing as too much speed. Speed always

Huh is that what makes quadhart so good? Infinite speed and attack? (Just a joke don’t bully me plz)

Okay speed is good on units who care about speed lol. With all the speed creep these days and skills like Repel and Close Call, you want to be as fast as possible

Units can go in the 50s easily now, so you need as much speed as possible to be able to compete

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From experience +Speed is overall better.

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