Which lancer should I grail? (Lalter/Parvati/Raikou)

So after deciding not to go after Eresh this year, I decided to grail one of my current sr lancers to lvl 90.
Just not sure which one tho. Raikou hits pretty hard but has low hp and no survivability. Parvati has high hp but her attack’s kinda low without buffs . Lalter is very good but again has low hp with no hardcore survivability .
I do have Merlin, so he does help out with Raikou and Lalter.
Plus which one benefits more from the grails, Parvati and lalter’s aoe np or Raikou’s st np? (also Raikou’s np3, I’m likely to try for np5 next yr, while Parvati and Lalter are np1)
So any suggestions?

Generally speaking, don’t forget to factor in which servant you actually like most :slight_smile:

From a gameplay perspective alone, I think Parvati would benefit the least from grailing, since her base ATK (and therefore ATK gain per level) is quite low. And her main strength is farming, where her HP don’t matter much, and another NP level would help a lot more than a few hundred more ATK points.

Stat-wise, Lalter would benefit the most, as she has the highest base attack and can be used for both farming and killing weaker bosses (which is often one and the same for most events’ higher-reward farming nodes).

But if you mostly want to improve your chances against stronger bosses, Raikou is the best choice, since she’s NP3 in your case and has two 3-turn buffs, allowing her to hit extremely hard for multiple turns. If you kill the enemy faster, her lack of defense matters less and her HP increase might be enough to let her survive that decisive 1 additional turn.

Just my 2 cents, though.


I see, thanks for the adivice.
Just came back from Emiya’s rank up quest , Raikou saved my ass from what probably would’ve been the stupidest battle in fgo ever(all the master’s fault ofc) . I have a lot of grails to spare (only ever used 2 on emiya) and after reading your comment I decided grailing both Raikou and Lalter is beneficial, Raikou for boss battles and Lalter for farming/ weak bosses.
Thanks again.

You should grail Raikou, because she’s the best mama and deserves all your grails love.

Somewhat more seriously, I do believe she is unequivocally the best Lancer of the three. Her being NP3 just makes her even more nutty. From a gameplay standpoint, go with her.

Though, as was mentioned above:

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All three are good grailing targets.

Raikou and Lalter are buster servants and probably get the most bang for your buck, but Paru-Chan becomes a absolute MONSTER once Skadi comes out and those grails could help her hit damage benchmarks needed to be a top class np looper!

Just pick the one you like best. I don’t think there is a wrong answer here!

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I grailed Par for love, but it’s a welcome bonus that she works well with Skadi and becomes a monster. I will probably try for more copies of her once she appears again with what is left after I secure my Skadi. Sakura deserves a good mother that will treat her well. :grin:

PS: it helps that she is NP2 right now, she can do decent neutral damage and generate small sum of stars with her NP and her buffs up (10/10/10).


I would say go for Raikou only because you have np3. If not, lalter and Parvati are better choice.
Lalter base stats grilled are comparable to 5*, and she have 3 steroid in her kit .
Plus np seal and ignore def on np. Op.
Parvalti have low base attack, so the extra 1000 from Grail is more noticeable on her . Plus np looping and solo potential.
Raikou even without Grail can be a second Merlin for buff, that’s good enought even if not grailed.

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Well as Raikou was my 1st gold lancer I can’t say I’m not partial to her, tho her having great synergy with Merlin is always a plus.

Maybe I’ll wait to see if skadi comes to my chaldea to consider Parvati, but for now I’m going with Raikou and Lalter for their synergy with Merlin.

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Well mine’s Np1, maybe if I can get more copies of her or Skadi comes to my chaldea . Thanks for the advice tho.

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Well I’ll probably go for Np5 Raikou plus she’s the closest to bond 10 out of all my lancers, so there’s that.
But yeah, Raikou np3 ,lvl 90 sounds like super op. Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably grail Lalter too and maybe Parvati if I can get her to higher np or if skadi comes to me.

Yeah, she’s basically an SSR at this point. There’s going to be slight diminishing returns on her stats just by virtue of being a 4*, but with such an empowered NP and her already stellar kit, you’re definitely set for single-target Archer slaying.

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Just finished grailing her , did the royal castle node with her and double Merlin, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL seeing her destroy those sabers even without class advantage.