Which mana prism ce should I buy (I don't have any)

Gilfest gave me a lot of mana prisms and I want tp invest them into some of these ce’s. Which one should I buy first? Don’t have any cause I’m new-ish

bond one is the most general and useful one imo.


Hi OP,

We will be getting 2 important CEs back to back: Chaldea Teatime (Nov 2020) and Bella Lisa (Feb 2021). You should try to save at least 10,000 mana prisms so you can buy all the copies and max limit break them :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


mm, but those are both supportive CEs. You get those if you already have Chaldea Lunchtime or Mona Lisa.

If the OP wants something that will make a difference for their account, shouldn’t they get those two first?


I would agree with this line of thinking

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Yes, although to unlock Mona Lisa or Lunchtime, OP will need to use rare prism first.

The issue honestly is the 1 rare prism requirement to unlock Chaldea Lunchtime and another one for Mona Lisa on top of the 5000 mana prisms each to MLB them.

OP is a young account and probably doesn’t have 4 star servants to burn for now. He/she can still buy Chaldea Lunchtime and Mona Lisa after he/she has bought Chaldea Teatime and Bella Lisa since these CEs are permanently in the rare prism shop.


When do event reruns start giving rare prisms? OP could wait for that to get ML and CLT if they can’t burn a 4*.


I have a bunch of 4*s in my 2nd archive that I don’t really care about like: Nursery rhyme, beowulf, archer helena, medusa loli, li shuwen, circe, caster marie, assassin of shinjuku, chiyome, stheno and chacha. maybe i could burn one if its really worth it

Hmm, if burning a 4 star servant is an option, you should prioritize Chaldea Lunchtime and Chaldea Teatime for bond farming. Both CEs will also net you a lot of friends and friend points especially if you put it on Caster. QP farming is more situational like farming doors or during event raids (e.g Apocrypha event). Though I heard the Las Vegas summer event needs QP to run certain nodes.

@Nao-san I think rare prism giveaways already started with the summer ishtar rerun (for the warden outfit) but for duplicate welfares, Santa Altera rerun onwards.


I agree with this!

Get these CEs before they add a rare prism ONTOP of the 5000 mana prism cost.

Even after they start giving rare prisms for duplicate welfares, rare prisms are still fairly hard to get and should be conserved as much as possible.


And burning any servant that you don’t have an np5 copy of is a waste no matter what!


Servants are more valuable than a rare prism. The mp shop CE’s are nice, but ultimately a luxury. And you never know what might change your mind. I nearly burned Edison when he came instead of waver. Guess what? Edison is now 10/10/10 because I discovered he’s incredibly fun to stall so that the enemy never has a chance to np.

And an important thing to note that the bonus from double chaldea lunchtime (10% + 10%) is the same as double chaldea teatime (5% + 15%).

I very much recommend using your prisms to get the new CE’s while they don’t need a rare prism. And if you have Santera, 5 free rare prisms are coming in just a couple months.


First, don’t ever burn gold servants until you NP5 them, like never do it. Not worth it. Servants are always gonna be more valuable than any MP shop CE. If for nothing else keep them around for their interludes and rank ups(you get saint quartz and more rewards further down the line). An example, people hated Fionn (still do actually), many players burnt him, now look at them. He’s one of the top tier Lancers in JP, Zerklot was disliked before Skadi, now he’s top tier in DSS.

I don’t care how valuable you think a RP shop item is, burning a servant for it is BAD CIV. :fgo_badciv:

Second, MP shop CEs.

Bond points>QP bonus>MC Exp.

Be Graceful, the current one in the shop gives MC Exp.

We get Chaldea Teatime in November that gives Bond points.

In Feb 2021, we get Bella Lisa that gives QP bonus.

Save 10,000 MP for Chaldea Teatime and Bella Lisa, try to buy Be Graceful if you think you can get to 15,000 by Bella Lisa’s departure time.


Your first rare prism purchase should be the Musashi Trial quest.

After that, I’d say your best bet would be Lunchtime. Bond point bonuses can be thought of as free SQ bonuses, albeit over a fairly long timespan (and assuming you don’t use max-bonded servants all the time). Mona Lisa is really only good for running doors and the occasional raid quests in events, as that’s the only time you get significant QP drops for the bonus to multiply. It’s handy early on, but once you can start farming lottos hard, you’ll probably get most of your QP that way.

So I chose to get Lunchtime first, but if you run doors a lot for QP, Mona Lisa is probably also a decent choice. I honestly wouldn’t recommend burning any gold servants to acquire either of them, as they’re not that important, in the long run.


Isn’t Shimousa the musashi trial quest? (I feel like I have made this joke before :fgo_insane:)

But ya bond points > QP > MC exp > master exp. I would say set aside 5k for when you get a RP for CLT, and if you still have 10k then get the CTT and Bella.


I have a feeling that were we NOT in the middle of Lotto season there would be more people advising QP> bond



Yeah QP is way more important than bond. But the thing is CLT and CTT are more applicable for Story, Free, and Rank up quests. And you’re right, after farming hundreds of boxes some people might think they won’t run out of QP for a crazy long time. I said that too earlier in the year when I had almost 700m QP, but before lotto I was down to a few hundred QP. Give people some time, the ability to ML+ BL + Support BL will garner ludicrous amounts of QP during dead weeks.


Hi Syd, after this event I should be left with around 8000 mana prism… Should I buy MLB mona lisa now or save it for bella lisa and chaldea teatime? Will those two ce available forever or only for a limited time? I have one rare prism for burning extra Stheno (her further NP level upgrades only increases instant death chance)

I’m confused… what’s so important about the musashi trial quest? :o