Which Mym?

So I already have G! Mym in the roster, but then H! Mym decided to pop up. Because no duping a same character, which one is better for the roster in general?

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Critic build vs Dragon build.

I think that H!Mym got a huge psynergy with the current standard axe build; KungFu masters+Flower in the fray + Arctoss. Improving further the actual perform of every axe unit with her co-Ability (maybe pairing with LinYu).

In the other hand, G!Mym path is building arround Dragon damage and shapeshift as much as possible. She will be a better option in longer events.

H!Mym Is mostly About Attacking Or Support (I Think). She’s Good With The Set That 3DEric Said. She Can Be Useful At High Midgardsormr or any grass event’s. if You Have Ramona You May Go For Her Because For More Dps. She Has That 50%-100% Stun immunity so You Can Go For H!Mym For Any Event That Stuns Your Team A’lot.

G!Mym Is Mostly About Transformation So She’s not good at doing most damage. She Does Have Dragon Time +20% AS Her Ability So She Can Be In Her Dragon Form More Longer So She can be good against bosses Or late game.

If Your Doing A Boss (Event) I May Think G!Mym. (Maybe H!Mym) For The Rest Maybe H!Mym Is Better.

Update: Gala Mym Skills Can Increase Dragon Her Shape Shifting Fast So You Can Use her dragon form more. If You transformed 2 times or onward she turn into high Brunhilda and her attack rate will increase to 15% more damage.

I Said That H!Mym Has Stun immune. My Mistake IS That G!Mym Has Stun Immune is well.

H!Mym Can Be Good For Grass Events but actually both Mym’s can be good at grass events.
G!Mym Is better For Non-Grass Event because G!Mym is mostly about Attack (when Transform)
H!Mym is Mostly About Support i don’t think about her using for attack but she can be good for debuffing the enemy’s.

At The End G!Mym Is For Attacking And H!Mym is for debuffing