Which myrrh should I build?

I pulled 2 different myrrh and want to know which I should focus on building?

Also on an unrelated note is winter sotis good and if so what should I give her


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Could upload all the units in one post so here




Nice any recommendations of skills that aren’t distant counter since sadly don’t have acces to it

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This is my Myrrh
I would say that you can change the A for spd/res form from Rath and use atk/def link from Vyland to get the omnibuff effect, I used an extra Lilith copy I had .

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I guess you are new to the game so first of all welcome to the FEHtorture

Unfortunately Halloween Myrrh is seasonal locked so it’s going to be harder for you to +10. She was also part of the Hall of forms event which is a missed oportunity if you didn’t get her there.

OG Myrrh is good with some investment, thing is we just got L!Myrrh who kicked her predecessor hard in the nuts.

All in all if she’s a favourite then the easiest project would be OG Myrrhh


H!Myrrh is an armored unit, she can use Save skills and is really bulky with her refined weapon. Out of these 3 units, she is arguably the most powerful (as of right now) However, as Kero mentioned, she is seasonal locked, making her a bit harder to +10 and you will have to wait until october to get more merges.

Myrhh is also a strong unit and is easier to merge, but like the other 2 units, it might be a while until she appears on a banner again. Her refine is excellent although a bit weak to Null Follow-Up. Both H!Myrrh and Myrrh need a lot of premium skills to function well in todays meta. For example Myrrh would like Distant Stance, Dragon Ire, Atk/Res Rein and Iote’s Shield.

In this regard W!Sothis is a bit better right out of the box. She comes with Distant Counter and Special Fighter. Meaning you do have access to DC. However, I personally advice against foddering rare 5 stars that get a refine in the near future. W!Sothis is still pretty good right now. (As long as she doesn’t face D!Chrom…) Her and L!Tiki are the only fast dragon armors, they make excellent use of Savvy Fighter. W!Sothis will get her refine about 6 months from now, she will probably be a lot stronger then and surpass the Myrrhs.

I think W!Sothis currently fits really well in the role of near save unit. A build I recommend would be: Atk/Spd Unity, Savvy Fighter, A/D Near Save. She is pretty similar to V!Lucina like this.

Btw if you’re interested in W!Sothis, this is probably the only time you will be able to spark her :feh_sothispout:


I have Myrrh Prime at +10 and she serves me well.

All she really needs at the end of the day if you don’t want to go to posh is DC (yes. DC for her to do her thing), QR, and mine has panic ploy… with her refine, she can do well with a spd nature, but i just doubled down on her defense because that’s how i really play. Aether is her bread and butter and generally speaking with all the crap out there she can still take a LOT of abuse. [if possible DO get dragn ire for her. I don’t have a rein or anything for her panic ploy after 2+ years still works wonders for me).

I don’t have Blue Myrrh (yet, will rectify that eventually) but i’d probably just build her up the same way mostly because myrrh is just myrrh. I don’t think Blue kicks green’s butt, just Blue is most likely harder to take down w/all the DR she has going on but blue being a legendary has drawbacks due to you now seasns and crap, where green myrrh can be used whenever. :slight_smile:

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i’ll also say if you DO want Red myrrh just save up. she’s great too. just because it’s harder doesn’t mean you can’t get it done.

Appreciate the advice but I was wondering if there is a way to use DC since I don’t have acces to atk/def unity.

I have played before about 2 years ago and a lot has changed and i have a lot of questions regarding the characters in my box

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This is mine they both do really good


Also this one


Appreciate the help