Which ninja to use

I was wanting to build a ninja to use smoke dagger + to get nice -6 debuffs. I don’t know who to use tho. I was thinking Kaze because he is fast and has great resistance. Any other suggestions?

Well, Ninjas are very great actually. There’s the fast killer type, which are: Kagero, Felicia, Sothe and Legault. Then there the tanks, which are: Saizo, Kaze, Jakob.

For smoke dagger I recommend Legault with null follow-up because he gets kind of tanky if you set him up right. But you have to know what you’re doing. If you don’t, then try it on +spd Saizo first. He comes with it and you can give him fortress def from Seth plus a def refine to pass 40 def, and you can attack into a lot of DC units if they don’t have QR as well as leave him around to get hit if there’s not a mage. He’ll also tank bows and daggers if they’re not too fast.

Depends on what you’re looking for. Kaze has good resistance while his brother Saizo has good defense.

Kagero is pretty decent all around if with enough investment.

Jakob can be pretty tanky, but he’s not really that great unless you have things like Fortress Def/Res.

Jakob is high investment. He’s pretty mediocre at everything until he receives enough investment to be average or good at something (or more commonly, everything). Like, 10 merges, a few dragonflowers, dual fortress, we can be looking at around 39 mixed defenses unbuffed with spd in the mid 30s.

Kagero is squishy. Even with 10 merges she needs help if she doesn’t want to be squishy. (but then she can get pretty scary)

Yeah, Jakob can reach some pretty good stats (minus attack. He can get to around low 50s which isn’t that high) when you have him at full merges and flowers. Without it, though, he’s kinda meh.