Which of the LB ally servants were your favorites?

Favorite Ally Servants per LostBelt
  • LB1 (Avicebron
  • Atalante Alter)
  • LB2 (Napoleon
  • Sitonai
  • Brynhildr)
  • LB3 (Mordred
  • Spartacus
  • Red Hare
  • Chen Gong)
  • LB4 (Rama
  • Karna
  • Ganesha
  • LB5 (Charlotte
  • Super Orion
  • Mandricardo
  • Jason
  • Achilles)
  • LB5.5 (Musashi
  • Caenis (Temporary Ally)
  • Romulus

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I had other servants in the poll, but had to cut them out due to poll restrictions. If you can tell me if I cant make 2 polls on the same thread, I can add the others. Thanks

Edit: I can make an extra poll from the comments below.

Pick 1-2 servants from each belt.

If you can, state your reason for your picks. :fgo_hokusaiwink:

Cont’ from above with missing servants
  • LB1 (Billy the Kid
  • Musashi
  • Beowulf)
  • LB2 (Holmes
  • Sigurd)
  • LB3 (Nezha
  • Jing Ke)
  • LB4 (Lakshmibai)
  • LB5 (Chiyome
  • Da vinci
  • Bartholomew
  • Hektor
  • Paris
  • LB5 (Olympus) (Musashi
  • Caenis (Temporary Ally)
  • Caligula
  • Romulus
  • Europa
  • Ares/Kintoki

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LB5.5 isn’t here yet. If you mean the most recent one, that’s Olympus.

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Thanks. I could only edit the bottom one.

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Mordred as a character is cool but her as a ally in LB3 was as inconsequential as it could possibly be.

She pretty much does nothing besides fill the crowd and comment.


Caenis. Can’t wait to 120 eventually.


Mordred and Nezha were in LB3? Damn I didn’t remember that.

For me it’s easy. Super Orion shooting down gods and Spartacus headbutting meteors were the best moments for me.

Also I don’t remember if he was playable, but Salieri in LB1 was also a presence to remember and one I would consider voting… if he was in the options.
Fighting Ivan with Dios Irae at the background and then him playing Twinkle Twinkle’ Little Star as the LB is about to disappear sets a fantastic tone to end that one and sets up what Guda will have to deal in the others as well.


Mordred is my favorite FGO character outside of FGO

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As much as I loved mandricardo, Musashi and S Orion, Billy takes it for me.

He is one of the only characters that is willing to go through with his threat. Him warning Kadoc and then going through when he did not listen was cathartic to read.


LB1 made me appreciate Avicebron even more (I unlocked before I completed the LostBelt). His support and aid towards us just made me love him even more. I would say him and Billy the Kid were the best parts of that LostBelt. :ak_skadikyaaa:

I wouldve added him, but I wasnt too sure if he was an ally of ritsuka or Anastasia.

The choice is obvious.


Need Dies Irae rock n roll extended edition


Caenis has grown on me. No other Servant matches that big dick energy, and their animations are great.


I found them really endearing in Olympus

They earned my respect then


Ganesha was a true one
Jason is an absolute dick in myth and even in everything FGO non-Atlantis but in that chapter he was amazing
And I haven’t liked Musashi in any appearance since her introduction but yeah, she was good in Olympus.


The odd ones that have shocked me the most so far on the poll are Charlotte and Lakshmibai. Hmm…


It shows how much they failed to properly introduce, hype and make someone memorable when a Grand Servant of all things is bottom of the barrel even when appearing as an option in both polls.


Honestly, most of the NPC servants’ appearances were just kinda… there.

Some were flops, some were… well, completely irrelevant. Hektor, for example, was literally just a last moment plot power-up for Rider of Depression.

Da Vinci Lily is a good mission control character in general, but, iirc, the only fight she’s in through to 5.2, Caenis is invulnerable.

LB 1 - … Favourite would be a strong word… Sallieri was at least memorable, but he’s absent from the poll. Dishonourable mention of Atalante Alter, for turning against us.

LB 2 - Definitely Napoleon. Dude fires rainbows and doesn’t afraid of anything. Honourable mentions for Sitonai and Dantes, for all that they have, like, one scene each.

LB 3 - Spartacus sure can jump, but, generally speaking, I loathe the character… Koyanskaya was technically an ally… of convenience… Can I pick her?

LB 4 - If I had to pick one, it’d be Lakshmibai, but only due to a lack of better options. Asvatthaman is cooler, but he’s almost exclusively an enemy.

LB 5.1 - Charlotte, hands down. Not exactly strong in combat, but the characterisation… Chef’s Kiss.
Super Chad Orion as a second option. Little bit too fixated on ‘saving’ Artemis, but memorable nevertheless.
Dishonourable mention of Paris. I went into Atlantis blind, but since the opening indicated LB Odysseus summoning a ‘traitor’ servant, my money was on him. Unlikable brat.

LB 5.2 - Grand Lancer Romulus=Quirinus was at least memorable, and Musashi’s heroic sacrifice made up for her weaker characterisation since Shimousa… but, again, favourite is a strong word.

Charlotte made me cry a little bit, love the girl. Only character I really liked in that chapter.
Karna and Rama were really nice in LB4 as well.