Which of these 3 is the best use of Atk/Spd Unity? (Part 1/3)

Now keep in mind these are max level builds I DO NOT have any of them at +10 max DF right now.

Later I will do a poll with the winners of parts 1 and 2.

Final poll.

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While they can work with solos, unities are a bit more tricky on someone like Yen’fay because he relies on the solo condition. Meanwhile as a save unit Manuela will always want to be near her allies anyway, so she gets my vote. Petra is just not very good these days unfortunately…


The main reason I voted for Manuela and not Yen’Fay is because I think the conditions of the unity will be awkward and difficult to implement at times because of the nature of his weapon with solo damage reduction

I know it’s two spaces for the unity instead of one but I still think having an ally-closeness condition along with a solo one isn’t the best idea


Same wavelength :fgo_qshbigbrain:




Later I will do a poll with the winners of parts 1 and 2. Probably in the evening about 5-6 hours from now.

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Manuela has 69% :rofl:

Any more votes?

10 minutes till the polls close. LOL I sound like I am annoncing an election.

Final poll now open.