Which of these 3 is the best use of Atk/Spd Unity? (Part 3/3)

Now keep in mind these are max level builds I DO NOT have either of them at +10 max DF right now.
Who ever wins get Atk/Spd Unity.


Who ever wins get Atk/Spd Unity. I just added it above but I should have remembered to put it in earlier.

Manuela’s nice and all (prefer her over F!Ike) but his prf weapon with unity is busted so yeah him



I would say that Manuela would want another A/D Unity to double down on it or, what I plan to do, wait for S/R Unity and make her immune to debuffing altogether.


Well it looks like I am going to have a new Merge project for the future. Now I just need to find a new option for Manuela’s A Slot. :thinking:

That would be nice, but she still ned more Attack.

I disagree. I think it’s the other way around, FIke wants a different unity (atk/res) while Manuela wants Atk/Spd.

Res is not that needed for a near savior, while more attack and speed will help her survive and secure kills.

FIke wants the extra res as he works as an omnitank thanks to his DC weapon, while he already gets prertty high speed with his native unity.


Neither, L!Marth wants it the most since his prf special deals damage based on his spd stat. With his refine and atk/spd unity, you can get up 80+ spd in combat buffs and deal about an extra 40 flat damage on top of whatever else he would be dealing. Honestly, I would highly recommend giving it to him once he rolls around on a legendary remix again, or wait for someone else like him to release.


I agree, considering he comes with dc in his weapon too, fallen ike wants def or res unity so he can tank some big damage from all threats.