Which of these CEs would be better for Okita Alter?

FYI 2nd & 3rd are not fully leveled yet. All 3 have a max level of 40 right now.

I think Warlords’ Rivalry is the best among the three because it’s a pure attack CE and the starting NP charge + Quick Up + Buster Up work well for Okita Alter :thinking:

Both Distant Pilgrimage and Princess’s Pilgrimage are mixed stat CEs :thinking:


none of those are good exactly, but I’ll second Warlords’ Rivalry simply off it being pure attack.

don’t even bother levelling the other two.

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None of these are going to be superior to MLB Welfare CEs. If you cleared Valentine’s this year, you should have a 50% charge/10% buster/10%NP gain pure Atk CE. If not, better will come soon.

I wouldn’t bother leveling any of these past 20.

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I’d go with none of the above.

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Valentine’s didn’t have a 50% welfare CE unless you got the last drop from the farming.

It should drop whilst laddering, if not, at 40% it’s fairly equivalent to warlords, although I’d take warlords over it given that her NP gain is meh anyway and she has 2 quicks.

Since she gens crit stars so easily, recharging her NP isn’t difficult. Not as easy as Saber Okita, but still pretty easy.

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I personally use Imperial Capital Grail War on my Okitan.

While it doesn’t provide starting NP, it boosts her 2 card types that predominates her card deck, and the NP Gain helps, since she can gather Stars with her 2nd skill.

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I will vote for Warlords Rivalry if they’re all MLB

The big problem with chargeless CEs is they have to compete with the Black Grail which in most cases is a losing battle.

Unless you run a crit servant who doesn’t need their NP, or uses a non-offensive NP (like Super Orion), or the alternative chargeless CE still hits damage thresholds but allows sufficient refund where BG does not (e.g. Mark on a Smiling Face), it’s really hard for anything even at MLB to win over BG.

Okitan has an offensive NP and is buster type so no loops, a BG plus hard charging is probably going to win out over buster/quick/np gen unless your focus is crits. A 1 turn star gather isn’t enough to push for consistent crit damage though, it’s good for either a single burst turn or refunding on an NP chain imo.


At this point, if you don’t have one of the top-tier offensive CEs already mentioned, I’d suggest just waiting for Hot Suzuka.

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What even is the goal here? You only have 3 CEs? There’s literally nothing else you have besides those 3?

Is this a ‘what should I put on my support list’ question? Otherwise I don’t get it.

If there were ever a counter-argument to Team Mikon…


Best Fox Wife, is more than just a piece of (fluffy) tail!

You’re right, she’s two pieces!



The CE you have will always do more damage than the CE you don’t. (no BG in 3.5 years :fgo_deadinside:)




Don’t worry, I have this nice big pile of salt to keep me company

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