Which of these for the xl master league?

The Metagross and Togekiss can both be powered up.
Could TM the Garchomp to have dragon tail/double ground or DT/EP/OR

If you’re wanting to power up to lvl 50, I’d look at stuff that has PvE potential too. Garchomp and Metagross immediately spring to mind and BB Mewtwo ain’t shabby.

To pair it with Lugia, i guess? ;)
All of them are more or less equally good, the non-legendaries slightly worse. If you have Mewtwo, don’t pair it with Metagross (yveltal). Mewtwo and melmetal make up a good core for example.

I don’t have an XL Lugia, I have a lvl 40 BB and some other legendaries like Groudon, Kyogre, Yveltal, etc at lvl 40 BB. But I don’t think most of them would be worth using in MLXL bc other people have lvl50s.

Ah, with your name i expected a hundo BB lvl50 shiny Lugia, sorry ;)
I don’t have any legendary close to 50, just a lvl 45 landorous, so kudos.


I walked different mewtwos a total of about 1700km, did 70 raids, catching all but one, and did a few trades to get it.

I only have a handful of pokemon at 50, I thought the XL ML was for spoofers who walk 24/7 or people who swap accounts to trade at distance… maybe some who really splashed on the cash and did a million raids but normal non cheating people playing a couple or hours per day cannot realistically have many pokemon at 50 yet

The right team composition and coverage may be more important than pokemon level though. I don’t play PVP much so can’t advice you.

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When they are in raids long enough, normal mons (walking) or melmetal, no problem i guess. And of course you don’t need more than a handful. Three to be exact ;)

What could that be?

(Zamazenta in brackets cause short and new)

Yveltal probably the biggest threat. And many people pack melmetal as well.
Maybe the classic togekiss double steel is great again :D

I’ve got a few legendaries at or close to L50, mainly because I do spend a fair bit when they’re on rotation. I offset that with spending zero when I’m not interested, so since 01st September apart from using free passes,I’ve maybe used 4 or 5 premier or paid remotes, usually when friends have needed help.

I managed to get enough xl from Ray’s cameo weekend, but that’s an exception when I went a bit overboard, but @stativision is right, a 2-3 week T5 run can easily yield enough xl to get well on the way to L50 if not all the way there. Your free passes would see you up to, say, 100 xl so it would only take maybe 2 boxes of passes, 1 per week, to reach L50. Using gym coins and a bit of money it might cost £/$/€10 per week.

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“Average” players will not spend 10$ each week.

I have only spent 5$ in 5 years on one fest and even then I couldn’t play one day because of life commitments. My daily pass goes frequently unused and my 50 coins uncollected…

Like everyone else who plays casually but regularly I have a lv50 melmeltan and a level 50 garchomp (could not play the full community machop or dratini else I will also have one of them). Every other legendary is miles away from 50.


But nor do I, if you average out my “per week” spend it’s probably closer to $€£2.50. My spend in September has effectively been nil.

Granted, I appreciate lots of people won’t or can’t spend anything but I wouldn’t say I hit whale type levels of spending. Looking back through this year I didn’t spend on:

Lake Trio
Lots of the nature trio season (most weren’t useful and even those who were went on too long)
Eon twins
Johto Beasts

These are some non-xl/partially xl-able Pokémon but I think the Mewtwo,Garchomp,Dragonite,Togekiss,Melmetal,and Metagross would do better than most of these, for master xl of course. (Ho-oh is a hundo and can be powered up to 40)

If I’m you I’m bringing that Mamoswine to 50…. Eventually

OK, it’s not quite a hundo but I still did it, think it was my first L50. I never realised the swine was useful in ML.

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To be fair, a 15/15/14 Mamoswine is an effective hundo since it has the same HP at level 50 as a 15/15/15.

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Magic, is there anything this walking piece of primitive bacon can’t do?

Winning vs Kyogre is really tough ;)

Sure am glad I got one of those then.