Which of these Rayquaza should I max out?

I have 2 Rayquaza. One is a normal one with Atk 15, Def 14, HP 13. And the other is a lucky shiny Rayquaza with Atk 13, Def 13, HP 15.

Are the 2 points on Atk that much of a difference?

Thank you in advance.

I’d wait until Rayquaza leaves before deciding. You could get a better one, shiny or not, and there isn’t a lot of urgency to power one up right away.

EDIT: I didn’t notice the shiny was lucky. Either way I’d still wait in case you get a better one, but between those two definitely that one. Two points in attack won’t be missed, the dust savings are worth the difference, and shiny Ray is too boss.


I’d personally go with the Lucky Shiny. Saves you stardust, and you get to raid in style? Two point difference in attack won’t matter too much. But, as @TheBiggestLeaf said, do you actually need this Rayquaza at the moment, or do you want to power it up for future use?

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I agree with @TheBiggestLeaf. Unless you’re not going to do any more Rayquaza raids, I would wait until the end of the month to power one up since you could end up getting a better one.

That said, if you’re planning on maxing one out, 2 points in attack will barely a difference, if any. Between your two current options, I would pick the shiny. It will cost less dust to power up, and has more style points.

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They are different. One is shiny for show. The other is THE BEST DRAGON ATTACKER. I would power up the hundo. You can always show off the other and power it up when you get more candy. Or better yet try to lucky swap it to get better IVs.

Ideally you could do both. Make it happen. Just be patient.


His 13/13/15 shiny is already lucky.