Which one should I build next?

Hello guys! need help for building next op, since got some sniper units

Already build Exu, Platy and BP. Should I continue to build BP since she only leveled until 38 and skill lv 5 ? Guess its a bit hard to use Rosa

Level BP to the max, because she’s adorable and that’s all that matters.
If you’re looking for efficiency though, Schwarz might be a better next option as a boss killer. I haven’t been able to see Rosa in action myself to have a strong recommendation, but I hear she’s awesome in the right situations.

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Hello! That is some good snipers you have in there!
First of all, it’s important to remember that Exusiai is a very competent Anti-air Sniper specializing in dealing burst damage in multiple hits. Her damage skyrockets that goes down drastically the higher the DEF opponent has.
Since Greythroat does the same thing as Exusiai, it might be more efficient if you don’t build her (though you can always do waifu gaming if you want!)

As @Dazz_Antoni have said, Schwarz might be the next thing you’ll want to build. You might be needing a sniper that deals burst in large 4 digit (Usually consistent 3k damage per hit from S3 alone) number instead as to counter Exusiai’s weakness. All of Schwarz skill is very spammy (considerably low SP req for such a high-impact self-buffs) and she can buff other Sniper, since she has talent that enables her to randomly (20% chance on elite 2) crit and reduce the opponent’s DEF, and another talent to boost other sniper’s ATK by 8%.

If for some reason you don’t want to build Schwarz, Rosa might be the solution for dealing against tougher DEF enemies. Aside from being very good at bypassing heavy enemies’ DEF (i.e. Rockbreakers, Defense Crushers, Heavy Defender Leader, etc.), she can also function as CC bind (which deals decent damage) with S3 or deal good multishot damage with S2. Her attack interval is slower than Schwarz (which can translate to lower overall DPS), but she more specialized (and more consistent) for killing higher DEF enemies compared to Schwarz.

Blue Poison (which I use myself) is my definition for all-around ST Sniper. She boasts higher base ATK compared to others with the same rarity, can deal consistent dualshots which can act as pseudo-AoE (with S1, and she can even do dualhit as well with S2), and she have access to Arts Damage (although meager). Her weakness is that she’s the most fragile, having low HP and low DEF, she’s also expensive as she needs some point on masteries on skills to really make her shine.

Platinum is usually known for her S2, that is a permanent buff that increases her ATK by large amount and longer attack range that increases her attack interval by small amount (which actually acts synergistic with her talent!). The DPS she offers combines (somewhat) low attack interval with high damage per hit, so she should be pretty consistent in her hits. However, she’s more or less vanilla (just stats) while S2 is offline, and she can’t handle large numbers of fast mobs well.

All in all, I would recommend you to build sorting by higher priority to lower: Schwarz, Rosa, BP or Platinum, Greythroat. This is, of course, just considering the 5* - 6* Snipers you have.

Have fun building your second sniper!


Thank you guys for the advice. Rng like to give me sniper op rather than other :cry: Guess I will need to build Schwarz first cause Rosa range need strategy to deploy and i’m lack of materials sadly

For anni 3 is Platy lv 60 S2 lv 7 good enough? Cause use BP for the safety need to E2 lv 40

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For anni 3 is Platy lv 60 S2 lv 7 good enough? Cause use BP for the safety need to E2 lv 40

I think you can? It looks like it might work with her S2 on. Do you have any difficulties in your experience of using your current Platinum in Anni 3?

Havent tried anni 3 till now just do some research :joy:
Too much focused on leveling op and right now cant pass TW8 with my own op :tired_face: