Which one should I lever up?

I recently got two casters after my rider nightmare and I don’t know who to level up, help(don’t

mind the fact that tamamo is high level)

Imo, Tamamo first, then Sanzang, then Shaherezade. Unless you play mostly buster teams, in which case I’d suggest Sanzang>Tamamo>Booby caster.
Edit. Oh wait. Do you ask specifically for casters or for the entire roster?

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Scheherazade can be safely leveled never unless you really want to use her for some reason.

Yes, finish Tamamo, and you’ll have a cornerstone for any Arts team you might want to make.

Sanzang is good because of her NP charge but is otherwise somewhat niche because she’s a single-target DPS Caster. Kind of a luxury pick, but she will be handy for some setups in the upcoming lottery event, so I suppose there’s that.

For non-Casters, Rider Ishtar is a good investment if you haven’t already leveled her.

Sanzang has also a really good third skill and can tank in time of need but yes overall : Tamamo and then Sanzang.

thank you and the numbers were not I . but ishtar is level forty and I forgot to grind for golden reeds, so she is going to stay like that for a long time till DW decide to rerun the event

I think the rerun for that event is this coming summer, if I’m remembering the calendar correctly.

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