Which one ST and AOE Servant Should I Heavily Invest in for Every Class?🤔

Oki, so the following will be a series of screenshots showcasing what Servants I have that O feel have potential from my limited arsenal. (My quote on quote best Servants to max for gameplay and for fun)

So I just need advice on which single AOE and ST Servant I should max out in each class. Thanks in advance!:ok_hand::handshake:







EXTRA: (I put them all together because I have too few of each EXTRA Class. That and my BB is a non-factor… Alas…)

I wouldn’t worry too much about Gawain and Eye-patch Assassin snake girl. They are scheduled for converting into RP so that I can finally get Chaldea Lunchtime and Mona Lisa/Personal Lesson… Alas. If only I had a Fionn and a Stheno to Burn instead…

Your servants are way too over leveled to be asked to max out. You have them leveled up plenty alr.


Just a quick list

Saber: Nero Bride and Artoria
Archer Gilgameah and Chloe
Lancer: Lartoria and Parvati
Rider: all 4 of your 4 stars are pretty decent wave clearers as well as Ushi
Caster: Sanzang and Nitocris
Assassin: Jack
Berserker: Lancelot and Herc
Extra: BB


They are both Aoe though. I would say Brynhildr is plenty good and a better general use Lancer than Scathach.

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The meta is both slowly and quickly shifting to AoE servants. Both Lartoria and Parvati(post Skadi) are extremely good at taking down groups of enemies than have multiple break bars. Bryn certainly isn’t bad, but my answers came from more of a future proofing idea.


Fair point

Yeah. Work in Progress rn. Hence who should I invest in to future proof myself? Ehe :sweat_smile:

Huh. That’s a pretty logical and plausible idea. Thanks. But what about Lalter. Isn’t she generally better outside of farming? And not to mention her NP has better utility, especially against fast charging NP bosses, no?:thinking:

Interesting suggestions. But which Artoria is better gameplay-wise OG/Alter for AOE Saber ?:thinking:

Remember OG will get NP battery next anniversary. Although only 30%. Still no upgrade for Alter.

So for time being better raise OG than alter.

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That sounds like such a waste to be honest, especially since you already maxed them and also raised their skills. I know you probably won’t use them much but i think it’s still better to wait and maybe either burn additional copies of them or other spooks.


This. If they were sitting at Lv 1 with no upgrades whatsoever, sure. That would show you have no appreciation for them at all. But they are sitting at lvl 80 AND with higher skill levels.
I mean, it’s ultimately your choice. It just seems like a waste, even if they are not the best of their kind.

This too. It’s more of a “get those not at max level to max, like the others” kind of thing. In fact, in Most classes you already have various options covered AND sitting at max level.
Then again, If we’re talking skills, that’s a different matter entirely. A whole new level of dedication opens up right there.

If I had to name a few that deserve proper heavy investment because of their awesome utility, that’d be:

  • Saber: Lancelot. You’re covered in the AoE category.
  • Archer: Arash (at least his level and Third Skill) for general farming. Excluding that, I’d say Gil (AoE) and Emiya (Alter) (ST)
  • Lancer: Lalter. True, you have a well-raised Lartoria, but her infinite crit potential is something Lartoria doesn’t possess. And that, in a way, works very ST-ish. If not, best snek Loli Medusa gets an upgrade in the future so she hits harder.
  • Rider: I actually don’t think you would greatly benefit through heavily investing in ANY of them, to be fair. None of them lack potential as they are now. (Also that second Georgios I believe is NP Level fodder or burn material)
  • Caster: CasGil (Support, for AoE you actually have grailed Nito). Sanzang (ST)
  • Assassin: Jack (ST). Summer Scathach (AoE)
  • Berserker: Nobunaga Summer (ST). Lancelot (AoE. He will be one of the prime candidates for Skadi memes when she comes out)
  • Extra: Gorgon got AoE covered! For ST, Mecha Eli-chan deserves more love with her skills! (which I know they are a pain to level up, given her extra class)

TL;DR: You’ve raised various good options! You’ve got good supports raised all around, too! But those above are a few I’d like to nominate.

To be honest, I’m actually envious of your servants. You have many options I would like to have but I’m not planning on saving for.

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Please don’t do this. Rare prisms are in no way worth burning gold Servants, particularly ones you’ve already leveled. Even if you think you’ll use them infrequently, it’s always good to have options, particularly when restrictive battle formations or bonus drop Servant options appear. Gawain even gets some good upgrades in the future, and starting with the summer rerun next year, we get free rare prisms anyway for repeat costumes, and by Christmas, repeat welfares.

Don’t burn. Don’t. Burn.


B-B-B-But the CES! But I really wanna have Chaldea Lunchtime and Mona Lisa… Argh! I hate Dilemmas! :exploding_head:

Lunchtime is overrated, but burning Chiyome for Mona Lisa would be worth it if you didn’t level her up already


Just borrow Mona Lisa from a friend support. You can grab your own when Medb’s prison costume quest comes around in July next year.


Well l, I must say your response was exactly what I was looking for. A clear, concise andconstructive response that also states the reasons why and even goes further to compare my available options.

I suppose to answer you and everyone else about what I mean by “heavily investing” then that 2ould be max Found i.e. 2000/2000 ATT & DEF FOUS, Max Grails i.e. lvl 100; Max skills i.e. 10/10/10 and Max NP lvl i.e. NP5.

Salter is the former target for this now that I just got G during the Thanksgiving Banner. So I suppose I might aim for Salter, Gil and Herc fully maxed in everything. Herc for last stands. Gil for more dmg and staying power via HP and Salter for her NP.

My EPHEMERAL DREAM EX would be getting Salter to NP 5 like her Santa Alter counterpart. But ofc that will never happen lol. Approximately, 413 logins and still not a single Ruler even though new Servant classes have been released and are still being released. Ehe :sweat_smile:

TL;DR: “Heavy investment” = Everything maxed.


Mmmm, I will probably burn Lobo first then Eye-patch Assassin and then Gawain. Or vice versa for the latter two.:thinking:

You could always use the free SR tickets on her :fgo_buster:

Based on what you have, all the more reason to nominate those I said. It will take a long while, a lot of farming and will put you in all sorts of mat and QP hell. Fight on! :fgo_naruhodo:

(Edit: That might change depending on what you get or if you’re rolling for someone in particular.)

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If we’re talking future proofing, then Lobo is decent for Skadi memes and Gawain gets an NP charge but you have plenty of AOE sabers

I’d go with Chiyome < Gawain < Lobo cuz Chiyome still trash

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