Which operator should I go for using these tags

So I was wondering which operator should I go for between ch’en and siege as I can guarantee either one of them.I am a pretty new player as well , its been about a month since I started. As far as my roster goes most of my higher rarities lean towards support as most of them.are supporters or medics with a few exceptions.

Which operator should I go for as I don’t really have a story reason as well.to prefer one over the other

It reminds me just like my early days, good support and defensive squad, with almost no good damage dealer.

Siege for beginner is not recommended, her starting DP cost would be troublesome.

Chen could be better option for your squad,
seems that you need more damage dealer, and depending whom your choice is, it will make a quite significant difference in starting phase, BUT…

Chen is not as reliable as the good old days, now we got more broken operators, she’s easily outclassed and overpowered.

If i were you, I’ll try to maximise my squad composition first, by trying to find a reliable damage dealer.
To the extent of gambling with only Top Op tag, by hoping to find good Damage Dealer.

Thus, narrow down my choices with…

  1. Skipping Siege, go for Chen, this is a guaranteed way, but with low ROI, return of investment. Imo
  2. Gambling with Top Op tag, hoping to find Exia or Silver.

The risk on gambling is already calculated, for beginners, as long as I didnt get Siege or Ifrit, thats already a good point.

Getting Healer?
Good, Shining or Nighty, it means your basic end game healer is secured. No worries
If DP cost is problematic, just stay with your 3* first.

Getting Defender?
Hoshi is a Solid defender, Saria? It’s a gift from God.
Their Cost is high for early, but dropping them would means the lane is secured. :feh_navarreculture:

Well, I already have ifrit and shining and going by the GP guide on siege having a native texas mitigates some of siege’s DP problems as for defenders I managed to snag a mudrock as well so…

Given that would siege still be a skip? I can see that ch’en has been relegated to more of a burst nuke for specific cases but is it the same for siege as well?

After going through some of her clips on YT , I have decided to go for siege because of her VA lol

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Hahaha, good for you.


Would still appreciate your views on her gameplay

For me Siege is a Guard that can generate DP.

Printing DP is not her forte,
I put her on field because of her reliability in stat wise,
Atk, def, Hp, she got it all for a long term placement.

She is not your everyday Vanguard, I wouldn’t rely on her for printing DP.
Aside from the ultimate ganerator, Myrtle and Elysium.
Getting bored of using them lately.
Normal situation i would choose E2 Zima and Texas.
Siege is for harder situations.
That’s all… i think


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Thanks for your input :smiley:

The pleasure is all mine, thanks for listening. :grin:

Siege used to be the go to semi DPS-Vanguard before Bagpipe was released her advantage over Bagpipe is that she blocks 2 instead of 1 and her attacks can cause hard CC in form of a mini AOE stun when she uses her S3 however SIege performs better in a map where a lot of squishy enemies often came in groups and they move fast and in terms of DP generation in those kind of maps Siege just outclassed Bagpipe for miles because if you uses her S2 every single enemies killed gave 3 DPs compared to Bagpipe’s 1 per enemies killed also Siege’s second talent causes her to increase her SP bar per kill in her already low SP requirement skills

Bagpipe is often used in a map where the starting enemies has higher defense or barrier like during Maria Nearl she has outstanding DPS compared to Siege but in terms of DP generation she’s outperformed by Siege by miles. Also the advantage over having Siege from Bagpipe is that Bagpipe isn’t free for all while Siege is very much recruitable from start of the game

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Thanks for the tips! Btw couldn’t bagpipe come around in the shop sometime in the future?

Sadly Bagpipe hasn’t even made it to the CN shop yet and they are 5+months ahead of global.
If you really want her, maybe try rolling on the joint operation banner that is currently up.

Not sure if you chose yet but I don’t think there’s a bad choice between Ch’en and Siege. I use them both all the time.

it’s possible Eyja was once in the Global shop (once i tell you) meanwhile she’s already in the CN shop for like 5 times including the current regular banner with Surtr

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To be precise, every use of Siege’s S2 gives 3DP regardless of whether or not she kills anyone with it. So whether or not she can generate more DP than Bagpipe depends on how many enemies Bagpipe kills in the time it takes Siege to charge up her skill (which would be fast if lots of enemies are dying near her to give her extra SP charging per kill.


Not sure if you chose yet but I don’t think there’s a bad choice between Ch’en and Siege. I use them both all the time.

I have decided to go for siege because of her VA lol