Which operators to E2 first?

What the title says. Still a newbie to the game but I’m at a point where I can get 1 or 2 operators to E2 but I’m having trouble deciding which one(s) so I decided to ask for more experienced players opinions.
Who would you choose?


  • Ch’en the Holungday
  • Exusiai
  • Blue Poison

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  • SilverAsh
  • Thorns
  • Specter

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Welcome, hope you enjoy the game.
While all ops you listed are powerful and should be promoted to E2 eventually (with BP being the possible exception if you pull e.g. Archetto) which one to go to first also depends on which units you have build so far and what your preferred playstyle/squad composition is.
SA, Chalter, S3 Exia and S2 BP are very burst-focused operators whereas Thorns is a monster in sustained DPS and Specter is also more along that line, though her strenght lies in her almost unparalleled survivability.

edit: why posit the same question in two distinct threads ?

Thanks for the advice!

two distinct threads?

I don’t know. I only made one thread but then for some reason two appeared and whenever I try deleting one of them, both of them get deleted.

Exusiai is hella good unit but there isn’t much content which you can’t solve without her E2 since her E1 is already good enough for most things
Chalter on the other hand is part of the “deleting button” team, she will very likely save your hide against many bosses and she herself has a very good sustain, having a good skill uptime and control.

SilverAsh is incredible strong unit, one of the strongest physicial AOE skills of the game, but sincerely half of the time he is simply overkill and his skill downtime isn’t very generous, he shines with the third mastery but that is hella expensive.

Thorns on the other hand, while he doesn’t have an absurd bust damage, he still has one if not the single best infinity duration skill of the game, his sustained DPS is very high and his range is very easy to use, you can basically slap Thorns in any team in any operation and he will do great work.

So I would recommend focusing on Chalter and Thorns first, you will have both sustained damage and burst and two very versatil units.
SilverAsh is a good choice for third E2.
For 4th I would go for Exusiai or other 6* if you got more of them.

Specter survivability is very good but generaly only needed in very hard content where you will definelly need to get support from friend players, so in my opinion she is more of a luxury than a necessity.
Blue Poison fall in the same point, very good unity but doesn’t offer that much in E2 that she already doesn’t do in E1, you may need E2 single target snipers in late content but till then you can pretty much work with E1 max

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