Which order to level

Looking for guidance, I guess whoever will help me in the challenge quests for assassin and after first. Then general.

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You should level Sieg, he is pretty good


I used a crit team for that quest due to the NP damage resistance so you might be covered with your Hijikata.
You only need a way to keep the stars flowing and keeping the damage away from him.
Hans, Chiron, Mozart, support Merlin…

For the survivability bit, there are always the option of having some tanks.

Astolfo, Shakespeare and Jalter berserker are also useful for farming.
Astolfo has a massive battery and AoE NP.
Shakespeare has a big buster buff and a targetable 20% NP gauge.
Jalter berserk is a nuke. NP5 and several attack buffs make sher demolish ST enemies when farming.

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I’d really recommend not focusing on Izou. He can be soloed by caster Nero, or cu alter. Check on the Atlas Academy site. Instead, raising farmers would be excellent, like Sieg and astolfo. I believe illya can also clear izou very easily.