Which Pokémon is the better Rock PVE attacker Rhyperior lvl 40 vs Tyranitar lvl 50?

Both Pokémon are 100% IV and have the best possible rock move set. I know Rhyperior is the better attacker when they are at level 40 so I’m curious is Tyranitar stronger at lvl 50 than a lvl lvl 40 Rhyperior?

Also does anybody know of way to compare Pokémon to see which one is stronger in raids when the Pokémon are at different levels?

Pokebattler is arguably the most objective way, gives you a chance to tweak levels, movesets etc vs individual raids. The DPS/TDO spreadsheet on here is alright too but I find it a bit fiddly for multiple comparisons.

Vs Moltres, double weak to rock so any difference is magnified:

Level 40:

Level 50:

It’s personal preference I suppose, both very good, depends what you prefer.

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I think the figures from @Oaf are quite clear: rhyperior is even superior (hence the name) at lvl 40 compared to a lvl 50 ttar. Arguably not that huge difference (less than 15 secs make up maybe 3 seconds in real world per mon) though. Shadow ttar though… But even there, the difference to rhyperior doesn’t justify the huge resource difference (one reason I don’t get the shadow debate…)

Looks like in this instance Rhyperior is the clear winner, especially when you consider that Rock Wrecker is a 2-bar move.

I’ve wondered this same question as pertains to certain legendaries, e.g. at what point do I suggest my lower level friends just use a weather-boosted Heatran over a Flareon?

Another thing to consider, which I also find extreme: the difference between a lvl 40 and a lvl 50 Mon is tiny: rhyperior lvl 50 is 25 seconds faster in that example. Broken down on a single mon that means 25/6 - not even 5 seconds better… Is it worth the stardust and candies?

I powering anything ever worth the candies and the dust?

Take this example Moltres, you can’t solo it so if you make it a duo with a best friend you can finish this raid with level 20 Pokémon… In most cases level 35 Pokémon are the way to go (for raids just make sure you have enough friends with you in the raid :wink: ). But if you want to shortman raids, or set a new personal bests then yes powering can be worth it, and 25 seconds is a hughe difference if you look at it that way.

It’s another PvP-centric construct for me, where your fine margins count and so that extra few % damage/HP likely comes into play more often.

@captpepperjack not as often as you’d think is the answer. But…L30 vs L40 is more pronounced.

Not Heatran perhaps as it’s not actually that much quicker than Flareon but when you consider L40 Flareon has TTW of 451, 16 faints vs Genesect and L30 Resh has TTW of 421, 12 faints.

Vs Regice Flareon L40 TTW 1104, 40 faints and Resh 1013, 34 faints.

Considering the 30->40 costs, the old-school advice of powering 6 up to 30 rather than 2 up to 40 is still good.

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This is why I put the question mark. To just enjoy the game 35 to 40 is for sure enough, though the effort to put mons to 40 is low compared to power up further, so the rationale is much better to go to 40. Also consider that 35 to 40 makes nearly the same difference as lvl 40 to 50.


Both are excellent. I’m actually in the exact same predicament, Lvl 40 Hundo Rhyperior and Lvl 50 Tyranitar.
Though Tyranitar is very defensive and higher attack Rhyperiors Wrock Wrecker is just so much better than Stone edge. And Rhyperiors super high Hp combined with pretty good defense means it’s way tankier.
When doing stuff like charizard raids I use my Rhyperior. Given good boss moves you can solo a tier 3 without fainting (Thinking of a time I solo’d a magmar raid)
Though I firmly hold that the top 3 rock boys Ttar, Rhyp, and Rampardos are all excellent I think the most reliable choice is Rhyperior

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Tyranitar isn’t among the top 3 rock attackers, Terrakion is instead.

Heatran is more revive efficient than Reshiram, so more friendly to low level players.

Usually it will not matter in the slighlest.

Take Tapu-Lele,

I just built a team of lv30-35 Roserades of random IV. They could comfortably do a duo. The cost is zero stardust and zero rare candy.

The optimal team of Mega, shadow, perfect IV and level 50 pokemon can’t solo a Tapu-Lele. The only difference is they will have some more seconds left in a duo.

The only thing you will get is a larger chance of being listed as “most damage” (useless) and occasionally one more ball for individual damage (if you have everything to 50 you will not care).

The cost however is huge, finding good IV shadows, gathering the XL to take them to 50, raiding the megas for energy, catching bad pokemon for stardust…

In terms of this game once you have a team of 6/12 of decent counters of each type powered to 35-40 you can consider you “finished the PVE game” after that all you do is fine tune (at a huge expense) your counters for marginal gains.

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I meant tapu-bulu

Plus it was afaik more abundant in raids, so easier to get candies. However, if you want to do participate as a low-level player (haha, low-level… maybe 40) in Trios, Reshiram often serves better, the damage difference is quite big and might make a difference if the others don’t have the best counters.

@carodavide - there are some trios/duos in which it makes a difference, but apart from that, yes, it won’t matter much. After all it comes down if you mostly are comfortable in getting enough people for raids. I don’t do discord and sometimes struggle to find a trio, so for me it sometimes matters, but more often not.