Which Pokemon to prioritise taking to level 50?

Since Singapore is notorious for its competitive gym scene, my main candidates would be:

I would prioritize Pokémon that have mostly PvE potential and little PvP utility. Your Conkledurp is probably the best since it’s not great in PvP. Personally, I would never invest in a gym poke’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree with most, but Conk isnt bad in PvP.

But this Metagross is also good one, as it can be used in both PvP and PvE( and even to clear gyms)

I also regreting maxing out Blissey…

Not sure about this one,

For PVP it should be mons that allow a duo with my alt, even if there are less rewards the fact that you don’t need to coordinate with others makes my life easier.

I would look for pokemon that are close to duo at the moment and see if it is worth powering one up (sometimes a shadow may be better).

I would go with Metagross. It’s useful in ML, gym defense, and raids. It also has a mega evolution.

Gotta agree with the others.

Despite how hyper-competitive the gym scene is in Hong Kong, the return you’ll get on investment is miniscule. Spending a few hundred XL candy and probably a few hundred thousand dust to get your base stat multiplier from .7903 to .8403 will bring the CP up about 6%. That means the person trying to knock you out of a gym will need to do one more hit with Metagross or a fighting pokemon. Worth it? I doubt it.

My best investents for leveling above 40 are the PvP pokemon that are near but not at the level cap. My maxed out 98% Clefable has done stellar work for me in the Ultra league, and bringing it from 2424 to something closer to 2500, which won’t require raising it to level 50, but probably around 43, is a worthwhile investment. And it’s lucky, so cut the dust cost in half.

I’d argue that the only things that can reasonably be leveled up close to 50 are lucky pokemon. Sure, if you have a perfect Mewtwo that isn’t lucky, go ahead and spend the dust and Rare XM (??) candy on it, but that’s the bomb diggity of all pokemon, so it’s worth it. Otherwise, lucky or no extra levels for me.

I’ve seen Gyms in Hong Kong and Taiwan and understand how competitive they are, but i agree with others that the investment on blissey/chancey might not be worth it. People who really want to take you out or shave you would use that “bug/glitch/method” to enter battle separately, and KO your blissey without giving you chances to GRB them. (If you know then you know). Maxing from 40 to 50 might get you extra few seconds to GRB your blissey only if they go in one-by-one legitimately.

Seeing as eggs look like the best source of XL candy,unless it’s a local nesting species, I’ll be prioritising hatching stuff.

Pretty funny, I’m sitting at a park while my son climbs and slides. I flip a couple gyms within sitting distance. About 70% of the time someone will put something in and not even give it the initial berry. I think the Timburr XL candies and the Chansey candies would be tough to get. Maybe if you have one of the mega candidates maxed, that XL candy could be an easier start

A lvl 50 chansey will become top tier in Great league

Hundo Metagross speaks for itself; that is so worth it and I am honestly jealous

As for Conkeldurr and Lucario… it kind of depends on how hard it is to get candy. Cause honestly raid DPS is just fine at lvl 40 unless you’re trying to break some raid records or something. Otherwise it’s just redundant as raids are… well, definitely not hard or exciting to do

I do have the Lucario in mind in case it gets a mega evolve that can be used frequently - cause it’ll be absolutely devastating. But until then… no rush

I wonder if I won’t just power up my shadow Mewtwo as the crown jewel of my collection and stay at level 40 with the others.
Maxing a Pokemon is already barely worth the cost.