Which Rare Prism craft essence to get

I got 4.6k mana prisms after I bought TeaTime.

Was wondering if it would be better if I got Mona Lisa or Lunchtime next or perhaps something else.

Most definitely Mona Lisa for QP farming, there’s no hurry to farm bond points.


My vote would go to Lunchtime for personal bond farming, followed by Mona Lisa.

If you go hard on lotteries, Mona Lisa isn’t as frequently used. Still good to have, but QP needs vary depending on the size of your roster and who needs what.


If you go hard on lotteries I’d recommend lunchtime over Mona Lisa. Otherwise Mona Lisa might help you more.


You could always save it for Bella Lisa. :feh_lucyshrug:


Ask yourself how often do you run doors. If the answer is a lot, ML. If not, CLT by a mile


I’ve barely touched mona lisa in over a year. Used it like a storm for a while, but after appling hard over last Thanksgiving’s half ap treasure vaults and the lotteries, I spent the next 8 months unable to drop below 500mil qp until I got an insanely luck ssr streak and had the materials for their skills.

But especially now with bond grails available, you can always use the bond points bonus.


Mona Lisa for self use, Bella Lisa for getting those sweet FPs. Same thing with Chaldea Lunchtime and Chaldea Teatime.

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I know.
I was purposely going out of my way to offer a suggestion that others weren’t.

When does it come out?

Probably in February.

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Hmmm is it possible to have enough for it then if I buy 5 copies of lunchtime during the Christmas lotto?

How hard do you plan on hitting the lotto?

Maybe like 70 boxes, depends if I’m going to be busy during that time/if my servants and CE’s are good for it. Which probably not for CE’s

Do you plan on burning all the Embers, or actually using them?

Probably use like half, got some servants to raise.

So… The Quetzmas lotto will give you 45 MP per box. 70 boxes would give you 3150 MP.
You’ll also get 1050 Silver embers, and 1750 Gold Embers. Each Ember is worth 1 MP. So, assuming you only burn the Silver, that’d be an additional 1050 MP, for a total of 4200 MP.

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Thank you so much, it’s do able then.