Which regigigas to power up?

got a 15-14-14 shiny regigigas with Hidden Power Fire recently. don’t think I will have a better shiny. should I power this one up or a non-shiny with a potential better IV and Hidden Power Type? if so, regarding the HP Type, which ones are good?

My thoughts:

  1. IV is fine, I’d use a shiny over non-shiny any day, especially a 96% one.
  2. For me, right now Regigigas is just a Slaking that eats rare candy, but I don’t play your account and it does have a base attack of 287, so it’s far from useless - if you want to use it, go for it.
  3. Fire type fast move works OK with Focus Blast but against two less common types (steel and ice), but you can’t TM it to another HP type so it could be worse.
  4. Are you wanting it for PvE or PvP? It’s not ideal for either but arguably has more scope for PvE - although given its only ever going to be in ML it’s not really an issue, albeit a 2nd move slot is expensive.
  5. Regigigas relies heavily on weather boost to make up for a lack of STAB or being SE (it can’t do both), you won’t weather boost both of those moves at any one time.
  6. I am trying to get a shiny in case it gets the overpowered signature move treatment.

So, enjoy it however you want to, but it will likely take forethought to get the best out of it.


IMHO, regigias is border-line useless. I prefer my lock on+blizzard regice. Regigas’s move set is very slow and awkward. Can be useful in pve somewhat, but I’d save my rare candy and dust for something useful like Shadow Mewtwo, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Tyranitar, Shadow Dragonite… they are amazing, I tell you!