Which Reshiram would you power up?

I got a shiny Reshiram that’s 13/14/14 and a non-shiny that’s 15/14/14. I can’t decide which one to power up and don’t really want to power up both to level 40. Just curious which one other people would choose?

I assume it’s for PVE? I’d do the shiny personally, close enough in stats but with swagger.

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I would do neither. Overheat is so frustrating in actual use, and Ho-Oh will probably get Sacred Fire in the upcoming months. Unless I get a hundo or pseudo-hundo (15/15/14) for PvP, I won’t consider raising Reshiram.
I have zero interest in this month’s legendary raids, poor movesets, bad shinies. I’d rather like two more weeks of the Justice Trio with Sacred Sword.

Since I don’t like the shiny too much, I’d go for the higher attack one. All comes down to personal use in the end, but a good reshiram is worth gold (and yes, overheat powers up slowly, but reshirams stats and the raw power makes it one of the best mons in the whole game, but i guess you know…). And could make even a good sixth dragon spot if you lack outrage Salamance or similar


What the heck?

Since shiny Palkia, we had nothing interesting almost half year to raid. Regis, Cresselia, and Justice Trio made players i played 4 years, leaving this game. For me, also those legendaries were painful. I lost most my daily passes, as no one wanted them. Especially that Cresselia over 2 weeks was terrible.

Now i will finally have something to raid, and i see again lots people in lobbies. One of the best Niantic decision this year, after shiny Palkia/Dialga and guaranteed Xl candy in trade.


15/14/14 is the better raider but the shiny is a nice flex. Personally I go for better raw numbers in raids but the difference isn’t going to be huge.

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I dislike this trio personally, and none of their PvE movesets are acceptable to me at the moment. Keeping in mind that they each has 2 signature moves in the future, there is no reason for me to raid them now. True, they’re new shiny releases (unnoticeable though), only next to the Dialga/Palkia weeks this year, but I was far more excited with the debut of the Nature Trio Therian Forme and Terrakion receiving Sacred Sword. Of course those Regi/Giratina-A/Cresselia are more boring, but that doesn’t make the Tao Trio appealing.

If they really get the signature moves you can raid them now and collect candies… Powering up might be a different decision, but even if they get their signatures, i might use happily one of my two hundred etms and glad to have a powerful and diverse fire sextet right (reshiram, shadow Moltres, shadow Arcanine, (mega) Charizard, heatran, blaziken) now :)

Just because of Charge Beam, you trash Zekrom? The second highest non-shadow/non-mega Electric DPS with good bulk and typing? Ok then, you do you :man_shrugging:

And for Ho-Oh to surpass Reshiram, Sacred Fire would need to be pretty strong, just saying.

Yes, just Trash Beam. Or add Zekrom’s ugly appearance as well.
I know Sacred Fire needs to be on the level of Hydro Cannon for Ho-Oh to surpass Reshiram in overall performance, still with lower DPS. But even if it’s not that strong, as long as it’s multi-bar and better than Psystrike I’ll be happy enough. Far more reliable than Overheat, and the subtyping of flying is better than dragon on a fire attacker.

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Well, he’s got his principles. We others can do different. That’s also kind of a fun aspect of the game. It’s just bad advice for newcomers asking a question, but i think they can figure out themselves ;)

Shiny, always the shiny for me, albeit the shiny is a bit rubbish, same for Zekrom. I think my best shiny is 15/11/10 and I’ll use that if I don’t get a better one.

Signature moves just aren’t getting released, we’ve had one this year (Lugia) that I recall and Sacred Sword got a wider release, so maybe 1.5 this year, plus Resh is bulky enough to cope with a 1 bar move.

Against Regice, a random example I picked from Pokebattler, Resh performance is:

Outdone by Mega Charizard Y, Shadow Moltres and by a small margin Shadow Entei
On par with Mega Charizard X
Outperforms Mega Houndoom, Shadow Charizard, Shadow Ho Oh, Chandelure

It outperforms Shadow Ho Oh by 56 seconds, so even if Ho Oh did get Sacred Fire and it was the most broken move ever, I can’t see it outstripping Resh. I’ve seen a Blast Burn clone simulation and that would do it, but only for Shadow Ho Oh. You only get one of those unless you wasted (imho) more Super Radars.

TL:DR do power one up, probably the shiny.


Honestly, before powering up, wait until the run is over. You never know if you get a better one. Otherwise, the Shiny should perform pretty much the same as the non-Shiny, so I‘d probably go for the swag.

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I’m not denying Reshiram’s power, but with 1-bar moves you always risk wasting a nearly full bar of energy when fainting, no matter how bulky the mon is. Even if someone uses Snorlax or Slaking in raids, he/she should still choose Body Slam instead of Hyper Beam.

It’s a calculated risk, sometimes you land it, sometimes you don’t -

Making the maths really rough, it’s 50/50 as to whether I’ll faint when compared to a 2 bar move - you have to fill the extra half bar. I’m not a master at dodging, but I’m alright at it and more often than not, when I’m in danger of fainting, I’ll get it right and so land the extra Overheat, meaning I’ll land an extra one, making my overall overheat success rate 75%.

I do prefer 2 bar moves, but at the same time, I’ll accept the risks because there’s not much else that can compete, or simply because…well, why not a giant white fire dragon?


Here comes another factor makes Overheat/Earthquake suck: their late damage window. I never say Brave Bird is bad because it hits very fast. Despite being 1-bar, as long as you manage to charge it before fainting (maybe with some dodge), you’re nearly guaranteed to land it. On the contrary, a common case for Overheat/Earthquake is, the move is fired but not landed, your mon faints and the damage isn’t registered.
By the way, why the fire dragon isn’t black (colour of coal) while the electric dragon isn’t white (colour of thunderbolt)? Poor designs from head to foot.

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Totes with you on the last part, the Unova legendaries have some of the worst character design, the dragons are no exception! I use/upgrade Ho-oh and Electivire more as much out of stylistic spite as anything else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like Zekrom’s design. Resh looks like I tried to draw a chicken and Kyurem should be digging holes or lifting concrete slabs on a building site.

The non-shiny for me. Excellent IVs and the shiny barely looks different.

I’d recommend doing a mirror lucky trade with that shiny, the IVs might get better and then the cost to power up would improve.

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Well, for me, Zekrom is the most cool looking legend released so far. Reshitam like too, but it doesnt look like Dragon at all.

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