Which rider should I prioritize?

Summer events came and went already, and they left me with too many riders. Including the welfare, I got 4 new gold riders. All of them SR, but I ain’t complaining… much.

Summer Mo-chan is already levelled and grailed (didn’t even have to think about it. Kyon was right. Dem ponytails are HAWT!), and Ishtar finally reached her 4th ascension. So for the time being, those two are going on an ember-free diet.

Which leaves me with Marie and the Yuri pirate duo.

Which one should I gorge on embers like a paté goose first? Both are listed as tier 4. And I really haven’t used either enough to have an opinion (ie: none are waifu level in my eyes).

So as far as gameplay is concerned which one should I level first?

PS: Lewdness is also an acceptable reason for levelling.

If you haven’t levelled a ST Rider go with pirate duo.

Also agree with Pirate Duo due to being single target compared to others you mentioned. It is also easier nowadays to work off their low hp NP gimmick with the likes of Caster Nero’s targetable 1hp guts and the like.

What riders do you have levlled? And have you levelled your bronze riders yet?

Well my rider stable is composed of:

Best Mordred (lvl 81), Kintoki (lvl 80), Ishtar (lvl 70), Ushiwakamaru (lvl 70), Best Snek Lady (lvl 70), George the tank man (lvl 65), Alexander (lvl 60), Otaku Pirate (lvl 45), Marie (lvl 25), Boudica (lvl 23), and Yuri Duo (lvl 21)

Okay so your Rider stable is already covered roster-wise, then the levelling order of Marie and Ann are not particularly important because you are unlikely pick them over your existing options gameplay-wise until stuff like Bond 10 happens.

somewhat related: chen gong+yuri pirates is a gimmick I’m very much looking forward to in the future

also, split focus evenly imo because I can’t pick one

Finish up levelling Alexander and Blackbeard, Alex is useful if you’re building a quick team and Blackbeard is a useful servant for caster nodes. Honestly Marie and the pirates don’t do much, they’re not that needed to be levelled, since you’re set already with Ishtar and Kintoki

I’d say don’t feel obligated to level either. A diverse servant pool is great to have, but you have much better options leveled already.

I have both of them from my early days. Marie specializes in staying alive…and not much else. Np is really weak and I don’t remember her np gain being that great either. And with Ishtar having good survival skills and attack buffs and better np gain and np5, totally outclassed Marie.

Anne/Mary were amazing…before kintoki came along. Actively seeking the low hp bonus np damage is tricky, and without it np damage is okay. Kintoki on the other hand is np5, quick up skill and OC bonus just pulverizes things. And he makes mountains more stars and waaay better np gain rate.

They can still be useful as event servants. They can be useful when you have strange party restrictions (next Halloween rerun, female only, short only, western only, etc). They can be useful in the event next jan/feb where servants get placed on cool down status for hours after each quest and you have to choose alternatives to continue playing now. But most of the time they are likely to chill on the bench.

Grail him to at least 90 if not 100.

Alright, then go for the Yuri-Pirates. Imo their FA is one of the lewdest in the game.
Of course, it depends. If you’re into that stuff it’s really hot.

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If you’re going to grail mordred continue with her for nerofest

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No need to. He’s perfectly fine as is at level 80. Even if he did have problems with attack, his superior stargen and ability to charge NP quickly will still help you get through the game quite well. Save the grails for those you like.


Well, nice collection of Riders, man.

Prioritize Alexander (best partner for Ushi), even if Rinshtar kind of makes his rare quick buff a little outdated; he’s cheaper, sometimes you will fight party cost limits. Then, Blackbeard, he causes respectable dmg to caster mobs, even being bronze. And you can use him as cheap support, with voyager+the heal from Rank Up quest for females.

Actually, Alex+Ushi+Blackbeard is an excellent frontline, with everyone buffing one another.

Marie is a good survivalist, think of her like an Rider 4* Cu, with AOE NP. Yuri pirates are hard to set up. Recomend leaving for later.

Not even remotely related. Most people here aren’t like to still be here in 2021.:joy:

sorry you plan on dying then

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I’d prioritize maxing Ushi over the lesbian duo for a ST rider, she’s far better, cheaper to level up, cuter and a better character over all.

You can put those two in the second archive and forget about them.

I would definitely level the pirate duo. Altghough it’s not really meta anymore due to break bars they can put out a lot of damage in one turn with all of their crit and star gather rate buffs.

I’d leave out marie considering you already have two AOE riders who are better than her. Marie’s damage output is weak and shes pretty much just a staller.

And as far as lewdness goes the yuri pirates have marie beat by far, bunny outfits in their final ascension

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