Which Saber to raise?


Hi all; bone farming has left me with a lot of Saber Embers. With the x2 super and great chances also up I thought I would raise one of my remaining saber servants. Which one do you think its better for gameplay purposes? or is it better to save these embers for a better servant?

Sabers I already have:
Mordred SSR lvl 90
Saberlot SR lvl 90
Saber Alter SR lvl 80
Nero SR lvl 80

Ones not fully leveled:
Proto Arthur SSR lvl 70
Suzuka Gozen SR lvl 1
Gawain SR lvl 1
Siegfried SR lvl 20

3 star servants:

I’d appreciate any feedback!


A couple considerations going by that list:

  1. Since he is most of the way there, up Mr Pendragon either to 80 to ascend or all the way to 90

  2. Seeing how you are amply supplied with AoE-Sabah WMD and depending on whether you feel a need for further boss-killing potential other than Captain Purple, you may want to consider having a look at Bedivere and/or Caesar; which NP-level are the two?

  3. As she is the only one I myself got, I can vouch for Suzu’s general usefulness - stronk AoE, charm can have its uses and when she can draw a brave chain on her NP-turn she can do monstrous amounts of damage to a single target with enough stars being available for her

Ultimately your call who to use the embers on, of course. How much farming of the node do you plan to do? If it’s just on the side, I’d lean more heavily towards Arthur.


Both Bedivere and Caesar are NP5 :) and yeah that fact I have so many AOE sabers is the only reason I didn’t grail Salter or level up ProtoArthur yet. I’m starting to strongly consider Caesar because since I don’t have okita I don’t have a quick saber servant.


Bedi’s NP damage is amazing and he’s not too reliant on skills, which makes for a cheap investment.

Caesar is useful as a semi-support. He’ll get better wth more quick/crit support (Sherlock, Osakabehime, Skadi).

Level Arthur since he’s almost there. He’s like a better Gawain for farming.

Sumanai is actually good now—and gains NP really quickly. (Plus, Wyvern mobs are annoying.) Either he or Gozen are good picks.

Gawain is still underwhelming. He needs a buff badly. Mine is np3 and still kinda…meh.


Siegfried is actually my first servant; my only qualm with him is that against waves of wyverns I’d rather have effective damage dealers/resisted defenses like Cleo.

Arthur and the both 3 stars seem like solid choices; now I feel like maybe Bedivere is better because he has NP damage up/NP battery/def and debuff resist up. Gawain def needs a skill up; need to get rid of that redundant charisma and give him a skill that sets up sunlight or something for a few turns (like Sunny Day lol) so he can actually use his buster up


Bedivere is too good to pass up. I’d grail him. He will be your best st saber since you don’t have elizabeth yuusha. Saberlot is good, but merlin makes busters op. No point in saving embers since this is the 2x event.

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B e d i v e r e

Really though after his rank up, he trumps even NP1 SSR servants in NP damage. His damage modifier is so flipping high, it should be illegal. If nothing else, he will be a good supplementary damage dealer for your saber teams if you can’t fit another gold servant.


similar question here:

i have
NP1 Musashi lvl 73
NP1 Okita lvl 71
NP2 Bedi lvl 70
NP5 Brave Liz lvl 70
NP5 Caesar lvl 40

(i only have 20 saber embers left) is it worth leveling caesar to his final ascension simply to take advantage of the 1/2 AP on his rank up quest? or will we get a 1/2 on ember gathering and another 1/2 AP rank up quest very soon?

btw when is bedi’s rank up?


Your SSRs definitely; they are the most ember investment heavy and the x2 super and great success goes along way to reducing he amount of embers you’ll need. Its even worth farming some embers to get key SSR servants leveled up during this x2 chance period.


I dunno, I haven’t gotten anything better than regular success with several 20’s batches of exp cards


Don’t do 20 embers at a time! The chance of super or great is per enhancement time not per ember used; so if a chance for a super success is 10% and you use 10 embers all at once you gamble all of them on a 1/10 chance of getting a super. insert bad math.

The only issue with doing its one-by-one its super time consuming so at higher levels I do like 2-3 embers at a time to make it quicker but its still doing it enough times to increase my chances of getting some super/great successes.


Welp, I fed three exp cards and got super success :|
is 5% or 10% the baseline rate for super/great?


From what I can see on Reddit the idea seems to be 10% for super success and 2% for great success at baseline (https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/9p5nuz/super_great_success_rate_tracking/); on for this event it will be 20% and 4% :)


Um, that’s definitely not how probability works.

It’s 10% each time.

Just like there’s always a 1% chance of rolling an SSR.

That doesn’t mean you get an SSR every 100 rolls.


Arthur is a good investment for the future. The second LostBelt is full of giant enemies so he shines there. Plus giant bosses aren’t uncommon in general.

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If your Bediviere is NP5, focus on him. Also, lv 10 that tactics.

He’s getting NP Rank UP over a year from now, and his pseudo-4* status is increased.

Proto Arthur is basically a little different Mordred until Shimosa and LB2 happens…but since you leveled him to 70, you might as well end the process…


Suzuka works as a saber EMIYA, use her steroid in the NP turn (stars created), get that sweet +40% crit up, and destroy the enemy in a brave chain, in the next turn (requires card counting to be effective).
Siegfriend can spam NP quite frequently, as a payback for being so weakish.
Gawain has 1-turn gutts tied to NP charge+instant star infusion, that awkward as hell. One of his buffs depend on field, other is risible (charisma E). And his NP is sh*t.

Caesar is good offesive support…but demand Gears…


Your right; feels dumb


I might level Arthur to 80; and level Bedivere to max; Arthur has a great node coming up in the hunting quests with 2 waves of lancers and 1 berserker giant boss at the end which seems perfect for Arthur :)