Which Season it is each month for legendaries?

I am wondering where does it say which month is what season? For example how was everyone able to tell this was an Earth Month for Earth legendary?

How can I tell which season month is March, April, May, etc. Is there a pattern this is based off?



You can see what the next season is when you edit your raiding parties or do a mock battle in the opposite season

If there’s 2 of the same season in a row (like there was Earth last week and Earth this week), we know the next month is going to be that season. And if it’s a legendary month, we know they have the same element


Yea but i dont see a list when i go to raiding parties for like April. So in mock battles rn its water/earth and next season is fire/earth, so is that telling if March was a Legendary hero it would be earth or is too soon to tell?

So April season would be which legendary? Or we cant tell until April actually arrives?


This one

Oh and this one


Ok cool. Thanks. Whenever its wind season we should be getting LByleth as Red bc I want to build him for Wind season. I hope he comes soon…


This is normally how people would guess, but probably next month’s one given March will be a mythic.

So it’s likely the element that’s not the one that runs all month.
Like how December was Earth Month but the the week LLilina released was Earth/Fire (she released early) And right now it was Wind month but now Earth/Water, this week being shown on Seiros’ banner notes as the one that acted as if a new month had begun.


People have been saying April is somehow marked in the game as “wind month” since like November

It’s a guess based off patterns since it’s like Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Wind -> Fire lately