Which servant are you saving up for?


So since i dont know the word hold back and i tend to rarely care what i roll for i got curious and wondered hmm who are the servants people are saving up for so im asking which servant are you all saving up for?


At some point I’ll save up for Skadi, but since that’s in 2020 I’ll just roll as I please for this year.


I blew all my saint quartz failing to get Okita. Regrets, so I’m currently saving up for two more copies of the Kill on Sight CE (and maybe Illya NP2) during the Prisma Illya movie banner in September. I just hope I can get enough free saint quartz before then (out of nodes, only some interludes left). :sweat:


This year: Melt and passionlip, after that summer and then Abigail Williams.
Next year: Okita Alter, Skadi, BB summer and then Miaoyi Yu.


I’m probably going to try saving for a Merlin, or honestly just some hot guy servant with increased rates, but mostly merlin


Sherlock Holmes. It’s who I’ve been saving for since the end of January, although I feel sad I have to pass on Kiyo lancer, but I want Sherlock much more. Next year though… hoo boy… There are so many Servants I want… I don’t even know how I’m going to save for them all: Leonardo da Vinci/Jalter, Arthur Pendragon, Skadi… Guess I’ll cross those bridges when I get there.


Nero Bride

I have just under 600 sq (spent some on gudaguda) and ~50 tickets.


saving for in order until 2020 lol: kiara, all for summer gachas since i started just after but mainly maid alter (i’m in love/grail all baber alters), tomoe+musashi, eresh, hokusai, semiramis, valkeryie, okita alter, skadi, jeanne archer, yu miaoyi, bradamante

servants i’ll throw yolo or a 10 shot at: umu bride, merlin, sakura, queen of sheeba, jalter, asagami fujino, achilles, sitonai

that’s what i got so far. i’ma need so luck to get’em all, but i’ll be okay with a certain few lol


Just Melt, though I may fall into temptation during summer (Fran) and Nerofest (Bryn).

Also, I’ll drop some SQ any time Bedi gets a rate-up.


Only two I’m really going to try for are Tamamo (caster) and Skadi. Will throw few around here and there for lucky rolls, but I’d rather have support servants than the other way around.


Since New year I haven’t spent a single quartz or ticket towards my goal of summoning Ishtar this November(Behold the power of the F2P). Then I’m going to save another 5(6?) months for Achilles.


Gonna be spending for Gilgamesh in April. Skipping Kiara’s banner (except for a few tickets) for now since I don’t need her and her return banner is better (since is has Passionlip too).

So saving for summer, really. I want Archuria, Rider Mordred, Holmes, and Lancer Raikou, and Saber Fran. Archer Helena, Ruler Martha, Caster Marie, Tamalancer, Caster Nero, and Zerker Nobu are just bonuses.

And Holmes…dapper old man needs his nemesis. Plus, Holmes should have a Camelot/Babylon banner and I love/need/want all those servants except Lartoria and more copies of Medusa Lily. A lot of those servants are on my 4* pick list for this year and I’d love to acquire them and grab someone I’d never roll for instead.


Saving for as many summer servants I can get, but especially Nero, Martha and Marie. Helena would be a nice bonus too.


First time actually planning out more than a few banners in advance. I’m going for Melt, then saving like a madman for Tamamo Lancer and Nero Caster, then ending the year by going for Abigail and Ereshkigal. There’s a LOT of banners that I want to roll on but won’t to try to avoid whaling, so wish me luck and a will of steel.


I decided to play it pretty simply this year. The main goals are just Caster Nero and Ereshkigal. Things can change, but this whole year has basically just been saving up for those two. Will take a solid run at Nero this Summer and save whatever is possible for Ereshkigal the rest of the year.

At this stage have enough good servants to make up a variety of teams. So I figured might as well only pull for the characters I want the most and see how that turns out.


diarmuid(saber) and okada izou are pretty hot servants. theres also achilles, sigurd and napoleon but theyre all like 2020 im pretty sure


Currently saving but have no idea for what :sweat_smile: as I have no idea of events to come and good servants that are coming. If nothing pop up that suit my taste, maybe I just go for Merlin whenever the shitty wizard comes. Though I kinda need a good lancer and assassin badly currently so I will spend a few tickets on those class pick-up.


I was saving for Passionlip but i spent too much on GudaGuda. I’m seriously cobsidering whaling.


Passionlip , Emiya Alter and Sheba are what I really want this year.

This year doesn’t really have good SSRs huh.


Mommy raikou, melt(maybe), and abigail. Legit i already missed all the servants i wanted. No Dantes, followed by no MHXA on Valentine’s day and no amakusa again. I need amakusa so i can have husbando bait for best wife semiramis.