Which servant should I focus on?

Parvati loops with double Skadi.
Ash is pretty good, I hear.
You could do something fun with NP2 Cat and Skadi.
Herc gets a lot of people through early story easily.

Prioritize Skadi’s and Merlin’s skills, level someone who can do good damage.

I’d recommend you focus on either Skadi or Skadi. You could maybe also focus on Skadi, if you’re feeling like doing something outside the box.

Skadi would indeed be a bizarre choice, but you could probs make Skadi work. I’ve heard she’s aight. She’s even a little cute. But only a teensy tiny little bit.

Also: Alongside Merlin and Paru, focus on Wu. She’s a good sub-buffer even with your own Skadi.

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