Which servant should I look at to level?

I hate being that guy where I post on here bragging about a roll I got after doing a random roll, but I’m here kinda doing so while asking for advice.

So I had saved up 30 quartz of quartz fragmfrom daily missions I swore to myself I’d use on a random banner the moment I got it… it just so happens that I did that just now and went to the all banner that just dropped that combines all the 5* s. I hoped for the 5 * ces at least and if I lucked into a 4* servant, awesome…

Well gil came to me… I’m super happy, I am, but I had planned to roll for my favorite sadomasochistic nun and once I got her, hopefully, I’d level her fully and give her a grail… I have enough experience for that and max BB as well.

My question to you guys is should I give the exp I saved for kiara to my new gil, or just wait? I know that right now gil is better and such. But for gameplay for the upcoming CCC event and nearing events, which do yall think I should do? I can just level the servant I don’t do now later whenever. And I’m in no hurry to do so.

Just lvl Gil since he will be much more useful in the event battles than Kiara will be.

If you can’t decide based on personal likes then I suppose it depends on necessity. So… Two questions then.

One, we’re you planning to level Kiara and her skills to use her ASAP (possibly for late CCC quests and such)?

Two, do you have someone in your Archer roster who can take Gil’s place for your immediate needs?

Kiara comes out something like a week (or was it two) after the event starts so you won’t be able to use her immediately anyway. But if you don’t need Gil immediately, or don’t really need to use him, then go ahead and wait for Kiara.

One thing to consider is that Gil is strong as he is now. Kiara, while useful, isn’t at her best and won’t be for two more years.

  1. i was planning on doin exactly that. lvl her to 92 then get her skills to atleast 7/7/7

  2. i have both emiyas i had gotten rolling for okita and baber alter(to np2 her). both are at np2.

my luck has been incredible after missing out on rate up servants from december-february, that i’ll probably miss out on kiara…

Well, if you don’t really need Gil that badly then go ahead and wait for Kiara. You could still stick him in the Backline for the bonus if you need it anyway.