Which Servant that deserve higher / lower rarity?

Which servant did you think should get higher / lower rarity?
Oh and also if there’s is anyone you hoping to get higher rarity version like Romulus, list them to
For me :
Higher Rarity :
Cu FSN : One of the most famous in irish mythology and have one of the most Badass final moment. Deserve at least 5* (But I glad he is 3*, so we can get him easier)
Lu Bu : He is one of the strongest warrior in three kingdom, at least deserve 4*
Siegfried : deserve 5*, I mean he fought a evil dragon, slay it, and bath in it’s blood.
Lower rarity :
Nursery rhyme : Should be a 3*, I didn’t have her (or it) so I didn’t undestrand how strong is her in lore or gameplay
Jack : If it’s the real jack, definetly deserve 5*, but for the almost naked loli with knife I think should be 3* or 4*
Get a higher rarity version :
Mash : did I need a reason for our most precious kouhai?
Caesar : still waiting for his slim, rider version a̶n̶d̶ N̶T̶R̶ h̶i̶s̶ s̶a̶b̶e̶r̶ v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
Heracles : Archer heracles when DW?

Note : sorry for my bad English


Remember that lore-wise there are no stars or rarity. The fact that Cu is a 3☆ Servant doesn’t mean he isn’t strong or famous, just that the developers wanted him to be more accesible to the players. So it’s just a gameplay thing, when the servant has really nice skills, or maybe a broken NP or is very, very popular DW makes them a 4 or 5☆

Anyway imo only Stheno doesn’t deserve to be a 4☆. Honestly I have no problems with other servants


Well jack earned her 5 stars… thats an excellent unit. One of the best honestly
Nursery i can agree to some extent. But 4 star is fine for her, certainly not higher but nursery if used correctly and in the correct comp, shes a hell of a servant . But I agree with the rest of your points however keep in mind those that are lower have easier accessibility but I do second cu needing to be higher especially considering his legend but we do have cu alter to make up for that :wink:
I completely understand lu bu. His legend spawned legends lol But if he was a 4, look at his competition with SR zerkers.
An SSR archer herc… God yes.

Stheno should be a 3. Not knocking her i adore stheno and shes quite good(u can do crazy stuff with her) but honestly 4 is a bit much. I understand why euryale is 3, lore wise she isn’t powerful at all its the bow that makes her so. But would be nice if they switched. And they do medusa such injustice…please give us SSR medusa…

The rest im ok with their rarity but really wish blackbeard was a 3.
Mata hari I want a 3star caster version… shes far more suited as a caster in how she functions, I understand why shes an assasain but give the girl a bump dw
Kojiro. Saber kojiro please dw. Please

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Oh right, I completely forgot kojirou saber haven’t exists

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Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave if he knew he was a bronze servant. I think the man has earned 5 star status.


What if hamlet became a avenger,


U know…that needs to happen

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She may not be the real Jack the reaper but still a pretty strong (or at least hard to kill and a nightmare to deal with) heroic spirit, she lore in she can kill instantly is three conditions are met: the enemy is a woman, she atacks her in her belly and is night, that is pretty strong, only female servants with high levels of Magic Resistance can resist been instakilled

I mean, he may be strong and “popular” but he lose a good amount of his power after becoming a heroic spirit, plus outside of Germani the people mainly know he for the Nibelungen that was a recount of the myth of Sigurd and Brynhildr but with Siegfried instead of Sigurd because he was a national figure in Germani, so more people remember him for the story of Sigurd then his oun, so he been a 4 star while Sigurd is a 5 star have sense

Relax, isn’t bad at all

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Amakusa as his patetic Caster self as a 3 star, i don’t say that he don’t deserve been a 5 star, i love him as he is but i want that DW give us his patetic third rate Caster self to see how weak the normal heroic spirit Shirou Tokisada Amakusa should be

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Tagging this previous thread since it’s relevant to half of the topic:


Oh, another one of these threads.

I completely understand lu bu. His legend spawned legends lol But if he was a 4, look at his competition with SR zerkers.

What we need is a 4 star Lu Bu in another class, he qualifies for at least 3-4 other classes, they just haven’t given us another version of him due to how likely he is to betray us in other classes, but considering how well we handle Mephistopheles, Hyde, and even Kiara this isn’t really sufficient reason for us not to summon him in another class.

Stheno should be a 3.

If we’re ranking based on servant qualification (how well-known they are, how well they fit into the class system and how strong they are), then she’d be a 1 star, she barely qualifies as a servant. Euryale would either be a 2 star or might qualify for 3 star off of the bow she stole due to how well-known Cupid is.

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what if we made everyone a 5-star?

1% servant rate
4% 5-star craft essence rate
15% 4-star craft essence rate
80% 3-star craft essence rate



Not really sure how they concluded that one of the most well-known, extensively studied, and widely read authors of the English language should just have a 2-Star rating. :fgo_dechi: <???>


The problem with Shakespeare is, it’s hard to imagine him actually fighting. He isn’t a legendary Knight or warrior, he’s just a playwright. Sure, you could point at x (Scheherazade comes to mind) and say, what about them? But he spent the whole of Apoc saying he was useless and doing nothing :fgo_mordredsmile:


Just swap Stheno and Euryale rarity lol


Sitonai should be 3 stars. Lame character design with lame animation unbecoming of a 5 star.

Caster of the Nightless City should be 3 stars (given her super low attack stat at 90 and thus lack of any dps potential or group buffing utility).

Assassin of the Nightless should be 3 star. Her damage is crap.

Gorgon should be 5 stars since she is the first principal boss of Babylon.

Ushi should be 4 stars.

Euryale 4 stars.

Ana 3 stars.

Medusa 4 stars since she is supposed to be the strongest of the 3 sisters.

David 4 stars.

Napolean 4 stars.

Caesar 4 stars.

Lancelot Bezerker 3 stars.

Emiya Alter 3 stars.

Astolfo should be 5 star saber.

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Bunny astolfo say hello

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We have seen the same servant? Because Sitonai have better animations then a lot of 5 star servants, did you know that?



Not exactly the correct place to flex but congratulations