Which servants have you grailed? Which servants are you planning to grail? Why?

Pretty self explanatory. Which servants have people already grailed and which ones are they planning to grail in the future, as well as their reasons?

Current Grailed Servants:

  1. Mordred (Lvl 100) - One of my two favourite Fate characters and my first SSR (started playing last New Year 2018/2019 and got her with the Lucky Bag). Loved her his design and personality in Apocrypha.
  2. Atalante (Lvl 90) - My other favourite Fate character. I’ve always liked Atalante’s mythology so I was quite happy when I first found out about the character. Plus cute catgirl, need I say more :wink:
  3. Atalante Alter (Lvl 85 - going for 90) - same reasons as above
  4. Ushiwakamaru (Lvl 80)
    Planning to Grail:

Arash has been grailed to 90 because frankly he’s much too useful a farmer not to.

Surfer Mo has been grailed to 100, partly for farming but honestly i like Mo in general and Surfer Mo especially so she was a good target.

Not sure who else i might grail. Probably Melt once Skadi arrives as she’s my second favorite character. Being unable to grail my favorite, Mash, makes me sad, and leaves me with a lot of, “well what do i do” feelings.


Couple threads around on it - but it sure can’t hurt to have another. I am mildly amused by one post I did a few months back, by the by:

By now, I got Leon to 80, yup - other grails went to:

  • Lvl 100 Salvatrix Kiara, 5
  • Lvl 100 Hanim Efendi Shahrazad, 5
  • Lvl 80 Christopher Columbus or, as I like to call him, Uncle Chris, 2
  • Lvl 90 Summah Saint, 2

Further plans for grails…I would like to bless the ones I mentioned in that old thread with grails, true, but then again…I got two fixed grailing targets in the long term, which are

  • Kama to 100, 5
  • Salome to 100, 10

Other than that:

  • Atalante to 90, 2
  • queen red-head Boudica to 90, 4 maybe even all the way to 100, depending on how many more grails we get :fgo_bbgrin:
  • Wilhelm Tell to 80, 2

That’s 23…we do get that many in the next couple years, right?


Current grailed servants and upcoming projects, Emiya and best boy Bedi. Also planning to grail Hokusai to 100 immediately if I manage to get her :fgo_deadinside:
So my boys will have to wait till January to get their extra stats :fgo_umu:

I’ve grailed berserker Lancelot to 90 and I’m planning getting him to 100 because he’s right below Emiya in my favorite character category. I think that he deserves to be the strongest servant in my chaldea due to his legends and such so I’m going to make sure that happens. He just looks so damn cool. Also, my favorite master/servant pair in Zero was Kariya and Lancelot.

I’ve also grailed Cu to 80 because I think he deserves the gold boarder.

I grailed nito to 85 because she is a really good servant, tama lancer to 100 because she is adorable, nero to 90 because waifu, saber alter to 90 because why not, medusa to 80 because she is snek, i plan on getting bride to lvl 100 once i have enough grails stockpiled

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I’ve gotten all their skills to 10/10/10 as well.

BB to 100 due to excessive love. Gold fou recipient as well.

Emiya, Emiya Alter to 90 - for being one of my favorite characters throughout the game and fate in general.

Chloe to 90- Solely due to her powers being similar to Emiya’s.

Ishtar to 90- Because she’s Ishtar and also her voice played an excellent part in making me grail her.

Atalante to 90 - Because I fell in love with her artwork, also because skadi looping memes.(Sadly second skill is still 6, but will be rectified in the future lotto :slight_smile: )

Herc to 90 - Due to respect for pulling my sorry ass through when I end up making stupid mistakes in quests.

Probably gonna take Arash to 80 eventually.

Saving 5 grails right now for Hokusai…or I’ll give them to Kiara. We’ll see.

Only planning on grailing mai waifu.

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I grail purely on an efficiency basis.
Arash to 80, because Stella.
Spartacus to 70, because not grailing him for farming is oppression.
Hans to 80, because before I got Tama and Merlin, he was my main support caster.
Cu to 80, because early on I was really unlucky with the gacha, and I needed at least one solid lancer.
Fran to 90, because I needed to reach a certain damage threshold during Nerofest
I am holding onto the remaining 5 for now, though I don’t know where I will use them, especially since in retrospect I am regretting Cu and Hans, as I haven’t used either of them for about half a year now.

So far I’ve grailed Nero Bride to 100 and BB to 90.

I currently have 10 and 5 will be for Hokusai, hopefully. The remaining 5 are being saved for gameplay reasons. Thinking maybe Cu Alter, King Hassan or Gilgamesh. I have been tempted to grail Arash as well.

On NA only OG Cu and Herc have received grails but once most of my servants are maxed I’ll raise Ecchan (MHXA) and Kiara to level 100.
In the future I’m planning on grailing Murasaki to 100 and Kagetora to 90.

Not sure who else I’ll use them on, I’ve indulged in extravagancy on my JP account so I’m not in a rush for NA.
I’m a bit tempted to raise Serenity to level 80 but I’m pretty sure I’ll use Shiki a lot after I get her next year.
I’ll raise her skills a bit more and experiment before I decide.

For the most part it is simply that I like using them and that they are useful is a bonus.
Ecchan’s character convinced me to get her and give her some grails. She might be a bit awkward but I like how she works in battle.

Kiara is fun to play around with and meshes well with my preferred arts teams.

Murasaki is odd but really entertaining to use and while she isn’t a master of anything she does provide lots of utility. The kimono also took care of what I found an unappealing design.

Kagetora is great in all aspects, design, voice, skills, animations and is a rare Arts based ST lancer.

I have grailed to lvl 100 Jalter. This was the 1st servant I used as a friend support from my friend who showed me FGO and taught me basics of the game and showed the Nasuverse in general. She’s one of the strongest servants in the game and I like her story and design.

I have 14 grails RN and definitely planing to grail Gilgamesh and Iskandar to 100 and Shiki (Assassin) to 90 when I get them. Mostly because I like this characters ant their stories in games and anime.
After that, well, maybe I’ll grail Abigail, Kiara or Shiki (Saber). Not sure ATM.


Grailed to 100: Jeanne Ruler, Archer Artoria, Tamamo Caster, and Nero Bride

Reason: All Waifus

Planning on Grailing: Ereshkigal and/or Archer Jeanne if I get them, when I get the Grails

Reason: Waifus


Siegfried for favourite male character
Marie for favourite female character
Tama lancer for my first ssr
And now Altera because waifu

OG Emiya, Kuro, SurferMo and Herc to 90.
Emiya for being my first 4* and the GARcher.
Kuro for gameplay and being the only loli where I don’t feel guilty 'cause initiative clearly comes from her.
SurferMo for easier 3T-farming and better neutral damage.
Herc 'cause OG BASAKA.

Additionally, Arash to 70 for gameplay, Salter to 85 for subjectively being the most badass Saberturia, Bedi to 75 for being the cheapest (in terms of team-cost) ST Buster Saber nuke, Euryale to 75 for bullying males.
Currently 7 grails left, probably won’t use them this year.

Potential future grail targets: Valkyrie(s) to 90 (mostly waifu reasons), Spartacus to 70 for gameplay. Not sure yet who else might get grails.

Jeanne Ruler got grailed to 100 as thanks for carrying me through most of the story.

Irisviel got the grail from the Fate/Zero event because it seemed appropriate to me at the time.

Kid Gil got bumped up to 75 because he was my main Archer at the time and I was trying to get a little more performance out of him… and then I pulled Emiya right after that and I don’t think I’ve used him more than once or twice since then.

OG Nero got grailed to 90 because she’s become one of my favorite Characters in the game.

I don’t have any idea who I’ll grail next.


I have currently grailed Caesar to lvl 80, Kid Gil to lvl 80, best dog Cu to lvl 90, Cu Alter to lvl 100, Passionlip to lvl 90, Lancelot saber to lvl 90, Heracles to lvl 90 and I am planning to bring best clay to lvl 100 (he is lvl 94 now). In the future I am planning to grail archer and caster Gilgamesh, because they are my favorites. I also like Cu, Lip and Lancelot so they each received 2 grails.

Grailed Saber Fran to 90
Plan to Grail Gil and Ereshkigal (if i get her)
i really like the babilonia servants and saber fran is adorable.

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JAlter was my 1st grail target and she’s currently getting gold fou’d, love seeing her attack stat with a max lvl Victor of the moon :grin:. Just a fan of Jeanne and the Alters. Saberlot was next as I felt he deserved the 5* max level. Kiara for just being Kiara and lore. Astolfo is just a good boy. Penth because I like her design and lore. Artoria archer is the most recent. Needed to use exp from nerofest and she was my first NP5 SSR. Next is Hokusai for having the most amazing animations.