Which shadow Machop should I evolve?

I have a 13-13-14 (89%) Shadow Machop and a 15-15-9 (87%) Shadow Machop. Which one would you suggest investing in?

The latter. Attack matters most. Except you need it for PvP, which i don’t think.

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I’d go for the latter as well, 15atk will hit all possible breakpoints whilst the minimally lower bulk (3 points overall between the Def+Sta or each) will make no noticeable difference in 99.9% of raids/rockets etc.

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Your 15/15/9 is gonna perform better everywhere - PVP included, which is a little unusual because typically you want the Attack stat minimized and it especially matters less when dealing with Shadows. But I just ran the numbers via PvPIVs and there it is. 🤷🏻


Thank you all so much for replying! ;)
I will use it mainly for raids/gyms. And i’ll make sure to TM away Frustration these days!

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