Which should I evolve first?

I have several rhyhorns that I can evolve. Can you help me figure out which ones to evolve first and why? Thank you!

A15/ D15 /HP 8 L35
A14/ D 9/HP14 L34
A13/ D14 /HP10 L34
A15/ D11 /HP 11 L29
A15/ D12/HP 14 L23

The top one is probably the best, I’d say. The mediocre HP IVs may put off some, but in real terms you’re only missing out on 7 points of health, which matters relatively little for Rhyperior since its base stat is already fairly high.

In addition, at level 35, it’s already good to go for use in raids.


How much candies do you have, how much dust do you have.

I would probably begin with the 14/9/14 L34 and perhaps the 15/15/8 L35 both used as attackers… they would need very little powering to be good attackers

I would probably keep the level 23 for when i have millions of dust and candies to make it an even better attacker

Let me ask this. When attacking, doesn’t the DEF stat still matter in terms of how long the mon stays alive (in a raid or gym attack scenario) to keep on hitting the defending mon?

I was leaning toward the 15/15/8 or the 13/14/10 because of that. That 8 bugs me but I know mathematically it isn’t that big of a deal.

I have 80k dust and maybe 20-30 extra candy on top of all this.


To be clear I have 125 rhyhorn candy. So I can evolve exactly one right now. But there are a lot of rhyhorn right now, so I can get some more. But not barrels.


Go with the 15/15/8 as you first evolve option, it requires little to no power up for it to be raid ready. keep the other in case we get early next year the Rhyhorn CD.

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When doing raids or attacking gym’s your HP (hit points) is the measure for what your Pokemon can take, all the damage that is done to your pokemon is subtracted from your HP. So for raids you look for high attack and high stamina (hp)

I would go with the level 35 just because it’s 35, the IVs really aren’t important (they’re more for showboating than anything practical in PvE)

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I’ve recently begun powering up to 30 for most of my pokemons. Only in special circumstances do I go past 30. One exception is Lucky Pokemon, which I may take to 35.

That is because I am still only level 37. When I get more powerful and more importantly, when I get more stardust reserves I will look at breakpoints and such.

For now, level 30 makes more sense - as a rule of thumb.

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Level 30 is a great level to get your pokemon at. But I would only pmower those pokemon that I could use at that moment.

It has no real use to have 10 of the same type pokemon if you can’t use them all, even your lucky pokemon should only be powered if you plan on using them (and for now keep those also at level 30, unless you need them higher, and save some dust for when you really need it)


You note that you have minimal candy and that they are pretty easy to come by, based on this I would not evolve any.

A15/ D15 /HP 8 L35 -> That one might be worth saving for a potential community day…

If you need rock or ground attackers and lack better options, Rhyperior is very good in those 2 types. Maybe in this case evolve the A13/ D14 /HP10 L34, just because it’s also high level, so immediately powerful, that way you can keep the first one for later. Just in case :wink:

But don’t hold on to this forever: if you get another 125 candy in a few months, need another one and no CD in sight, go for the lvl 35!

Don’t power them up.

Evolve the lvl 35 ones like the 15/15/8 Rhyhorn which is ready for use, no stardust spent.