Which skills to pass on to brave Lucina?

This is a strange question, but the situation is, I summoned Anna from the legendary banner just so I can get joint drive speed to my brave Lucina.
Since I already put drive speed 2 on to brave Lucina ahead of time, that leaves 3 skills I could pass on to her from Anna.
Problem is, Anna is loaded with good skills including rally atk/spd+, atk/spd form, and atk/spd ruse, though I intend to use spurn on brave Lucina.

Which of those skills should I pass on to brave Lucina after giving her joint drive speed?


It really doesn’t matter

Rally is only useful for Arena, and by extension so is the Ruse

And you don’t really run B!Lucina for Arena


Ruse can be useful in other gamemodes if she’s going full support, but if you’re running spurn it’s sort of a waste. Form pretty much sucks tbh. Rally is only useful for Arena and that’s it


Ruse is great for AR as well. I run a forma Lucina with ruse/drive joint speed. Can’t say no to invisible buff stacking + inflicting guard on your foes.

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I’d grab the Ruse, but imo a Link skill is best on B!Lucina’s B slot if you’re using her as a support.


Rally Def/Res+, Atk/Spd Ruse, any A-slot, and any joint drive. That rally/ruse combo gives your units +5/11/11 Spd/Def/Res no matter the target or unit, and no other combo can do that for you. That’s what I use and its a total game changer in arena.

If you’re using her Prf, her Spd doesn’t get high enough for a DR B-slot. This is mine:

46 is good, but not good enough in most cases.

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Seeing how exclusive atk/spd ruse is, I think I’ll pass that on considering brave Eliwood is the only other hero to have it.

Be sure to give her drive Spd 2 first (if she doesn’t already have it) so she can get JDS too.

Already did as I waited on Anna to return on this banner.

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Yeah, Ruse is better to get here, as it still works as intended regardless of which Rally she uses.

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Ruses skills are very strong. Do not waste, fodder the ruse :feh_altinawink:

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