Which Support Caster + Lunchtime is Preferred?

Since I can’t ask my friends list, I figured I’d ask the forum instead.

I have Skadi, Waver, and Tamamo but only one MLB Chaldea Lunchtime. I know Teatime is coming in November but I just decimated my mana prism stock from Gilfest getting Lunctime so I doubt I’d have the mana prisms to MLB Teatime until the Christmas lotteries. So it’ll be a while before I can have my cake and eat it too.

For now, please answer this purely unscientific poll on who you think would be a more useful holder for Chaldea Lunchtime:

  • Waver
  • Skadi
  • Merlin
  • Tamamo
  • Ozymandias

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That’s a tough one… As another who has multiple Big Four supports, I often wrestle with this question, myself.

I’d say that the best Lunchtime holders are probably Skadi and Waver, as they are usually picked for their upfront charge/buffs for farming, so their CE doesn’t really matter. Merlin and Best Fox Wife will often be used in situations where they could benefit from Prisma or 2030, so it’s more of a compromise to pick one with Lunchtime.

Ozzy is a Rider, so he obviously gets Mona Lisa.

For right now, I’d say Skadi is your best bet, assuming she is maxed. There are still quite a lot of non-maxed Skadis, so it’s helpful to have more maxed ones on your FL. Maybe in a few months, when everybody has had time to get all her skills to 10, there will be less demand, and more room for others.


Waver is more universal.

Most people who want Tamamo (IMO) want her with her bond CE instead.

Skadi can work but she isn’t as universal as Waver. It really depend on your Friend List.

Merlin is good with it too, but i would run 2030 or Prisma Cosmos instead.

I don’t even know why would you put it on Ozy.


After a loooong time with Tamamono and lunchtime, and a short time with waver and lunchtime… Waver has earned more FPs by FAR.

the question is probably pretty much waver vs skadi most of the time. I’d probably want skadi more for my skadi/waver looping but if you have friends without waver or skadi, or just no skadi and not chasing any quick loops, waver is probably better.


I’ve had Tamamo in my All slot for quite some time, and nobody has ever used her, as far as I can tell. I think she’s so hard to find that people avoid trying, these days.


My eyes are tired. That is what I read at first.

And Ozy doesn’t belong in that list. At all. Best Pharaoh (no, not Nito) is the star of the show, not some support! :smiley:

Oh, and to the actual poll, Skadi without question. Skadi can replace Waver much of the time, but Waver can’t truly replace her.


As much as I’d prefer Lunchtime Skadi for my own DSS Looping, I’m gonna have to give it to Waver for people who can’t do DSS


Ozy is the star, but my friends hardly used my mona lisa until I let ozy have it :woman_shrugging:


I love my Ozy, but I assume that almost no one actually uses him in farming and that they just stick him in the back line for the doors.


I’d agree except that there are so many comps where Skadi can sub for Waver regardless of card type, so I don’t feel that I’m really depriving anyone.

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Definitely Skadi for me since I use DSS/LSS, but honestly it depends on your friends list. Newer players would likely need Waver more. I’ve put my CLT on Skadi for now, but plan to move it to Waver once CTT comes in.

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Actual footage of Gou:


Yeah, it just sucks that I can’t straight up ask them.

I can probably do a little bit of extrapolation by counting how many of my friends have a Waver or a Skadi on my list.

Since you need double Skadi I order for DSS to work, I can guess that those in my FL who have put up their own Skadi (barring those who maybe have one but haven’t put her up yet because she’s not maxed) are the most likely to borrow mine. So in that case, I can see that 28 of my 81 friends (35%) have her.

On the flip side, since Double Waver isn’t really a thing except in extreme cases like lotteries, I can probably guess that those in my FL who have their own maxed Waver are highly unlikely to borrow mine. So in that case, 29 of my 81 friends (36%) have their own Waver, which could mean that the other 64% are open to borrowing mine. This number is likely a lot lower tho, because there are likely more people who have Waver but just didn’t put him up in favor of someone else, like Merlin or Skadi.

So please help me not do any more math by filling out the poll, everyone! :joy:

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Ugh, you made me actually go back to make sure I didn’t accidentally write that! Grrrrrr :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And yes, I was waiting for someone to point out that Ozy isn’t even a caster, much less a support one :laughing: but he’s Ozy so he can be whatever he wants.


I put Lunchtime on my Skadi and Mona Lisa on Waver so that i have a mix of the two.

That works for me because 20 or so of my friends have Skadi and at least 15 have her maxed or near maxed (10/x/10). So both of them get a lot of use with or without DSS.


Imperial Privilege remember?


I’d say Waver is more universal and more farming oriented. Speaking for myself, since I can’t DSS, I’d mostly use Skadi for challenging fights. Whereas, I use Waver for most farming cuz the battery is good for 2 NPs to clear wave 2 and 3 no matter the comp.

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Until Caster Artoria arrives I prefer Waver with Lunchtime for the following Reasons

  1. Waver gives the most NP charge (90% total) of anyone till Caster Artoria (110%) is released
  2. Waver is Universal. He is as useful to Quick as to Arts as to Buster.
  3. So that he is in his rightful place next to Iskandar in his Final Ascension on my Friends list
  4. When/if Iskandar gets replaced by Reines he will be in his rightful place next to her at Ascension 1.

Skadi is second but for now Waver is the hands down winner!

I also think Skadi is better with Golden Carp so that her DPS can proc their crit buff turn one should they not kill everything in wave one right away.


Carp-Skadi may be a fun trick for a CQ comp, but it’s going to be useless in the overwhelming majority of Skadi’s use-cases.

Still wish I’d been around for Carp, though…


Then look what we get for Christmas!