Which support skill/ refine?

so this is my current Kaze build. ( I still have more merges but no feathers atm). Im thinking about a Spd or Res Refine and maybe Draw back or Harsh command. Rate this build pls uwu

SPD Refine.
Draw Back or Repo, depents on your team.

More or less typical Dagger build, so 5/10

Looks pretty good for a player phase, spectrum debuff build. I’d recommend a Speed refine on his weapon since you’re running Death Blow 3 with no self-buff on his Speed. Units in the current meta can be pretty damn fast, easily hitting the 50s in some situations.

You could even run Fury + Desperation with this set-up if you wanted. I run a similar build like this on my Felicia with Fury + Desperation and she’s one of my staple units now. Though WoM and Death Blow 3 does give him good positioning options to nuke on player phase.

Draw Back would be better for positioning. Though if you care about arena scoring, I’d recommend a Rally + skill.