Which tag I should chose here?

So it either 100% Chen or try to get 6 star medic here, but I got Ash and Saria already.

Well, for me, the question is whether you’re after someone for gameplay or waifu reasons.

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How about both ? All 3 of them are good for me .

Then you’ll just have to decide whether you wanna go for a near-sure chance of getting Ch’en (near-sure cause even at 9 hours the Nuker tag has a slight chance of dropping though Top Op will never drop as long as the timer is set to 9 hours), or if you want a 50% chance at getting Nightingale/Shining alongside the 50% chance of getting a dupe.

And since the latter still relies on the Support Tag, my earlier point stands that there’s that ever so tiny chance of the Support tag dropping.

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Yay, what a surprise.