Which team is better for CQs in general?

The two teams I’m talking about here are the Mash - Merlin team and the Double Merlin team. Let’s just say that the primary and the secondary DPS are all Buster - oriented Servants :fgo_buster: and the situations we have here are CQs we usually see (whether it needs to be short or long in time). I’ll let you guys judge the comps by analyzing its features (I’m just pretty lazy to do this :fgo_permanentsleep:)
So, without any further ado, post your thinking about them :slightly_smiling_face:

From my experience, as I lacked a support until now, Mash and Merlin + my own DPS are a good combination. Mash offers deffense, meanwhile Merlin allows my DPS to kill the targets. At the very least its a good combination, if a little bit slower than double Merlin or Merlin/Waver, good for a free-to-play as it offers a huge defensive buff and gives healing at the same time, therefore the DPS is protected and also has attack buff.
I dont know how good this combo is with an arts servant, but probably in case of arts teams we go with Mash/Tamamo or even better with Waver/Tamamo, or double Tamy, but the latter ones are all expensive combinations which are not easily accesible for the average player. ( if he is not a whale, dolphin, or has an absurd luck)

I don’t have a Merlin of my own, so this is just conjecture , but I think a double Merlin composition would be better for damage and hard survival. However, it lacks any deff buffs, so it is vulnerable to face-carding and crit damage. While its superior healing counter-acts it to a certain degree, extra healing doesn’t matter if your servants get critted off the field. So if you’re using servants with low HP or Berserkers, or if you’re facing a particularely critt-happy servant, it might be better to sub Mash instead of Merlin. That is if you don’t just burst your enemy down in a few turns with Double Merlin.

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This. The only thing Merlin doesn’t offer is def up and you need NP deployed to reach sustain support (heal + np% each turn).

Mash (Waver) + Merlin + DPS is your call.

From what I’ve both seen and heard about double Wick Dizards is that its better for damage racing especially if you have your own Waver. While the Mash + Memelin combo works well if you(have rank E- luck) want a more sustain comp due to them providing what the other lacks as well as relying more on the DPS’s NP for any big damage. So pretty much go absolute ham or rely on NP spam.

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In my experience, Mash + Merlin + Buster DPS is better for longer fights or with enemies that hit consistently hard.

During Summer 1 Rerun, i beat the Demon Boar CQ with a Mash, EMIYA and Merlin comp. I could taie their regular attacks and crits way easier than if i had double Merlin, and even when one of the boars fired their NPs i usually had enough damage cut and defense to take it with no problem. This comp is better against single target bosses but it worked pretty well in my case.

One of the things I like about Fate is that when it gets past the point where anything works, no one size-fits-all strategy works.

So, in the scenario describe, it all depends on what you need to do. Double-Merlin, once you get the NPs rolling, has a fair amount of healing plus passive NP charging. Plus it has a hard team-wide invul every 3-5 turns (depending on the skill CDs as well as being an odd # at L10 so it doesn’t split evenly). That’s good if normal healing can mostly keep up and the enemy has an AoE NP. Plus, in a tighter pinch, Hero Creation can be used every 3-4 turns for a 2-3k “heal” (which wastes the Buster up if if has to go on a Merlin…)

If you’re up against Berserkers or Riders, Mash becomes more useful, particularly if the NP is ST as Merlin and Mash can somewhat share invul duties (but means Mash has to reserve her own invul for the taunt). But unless you have an MLB Prisma Cosmos, you’ll lose DPS as you’ll have to have Mash use her face cards, but on the upside, Mash’s NP has a better ATK up than Merlin’s skill.

Sometimes Waver pairs well with Merlin and/or Mash, if his NP stalling can manage to get it to where either of them can handle the NP by themselves. And of course for Arts, Waver/Tama is even better at that.

So, like I said, it depends.

From my own experience in using both strategies I found out that Merlin/mash offers a better sure fire way to beat CQs that have really high face card damage and BS crits, CQs like the bull of heaven and Salter memorial come to mind since mash helps Merlin survive the damage while also providing an out to ST NPs. On the other hand Double Merlin allows you to tackle CQs that have multiple enemies with AOE NPs while also giving you that extra bit of damage from the other Merlin. Sometimes it even allows you to kill the enemy before they even reach the NP just through sheer raw power from crits and NPs.

Mash waver > mash Merlin.
Double merlin is a different thing tho

I often “test” a CQ using a demolition team in the front line ( Penth Np2 - Ibaraki Np2 - Nobu berserker Np4, but i will replace Nobu with my new Raikou Np5 ).

And in the rear line i put friend support and other random servants.

Then, i see how much damage my demolition team can do before dieing or clearing the CQ, and i use the data aquired to get an idea on the difficulty of the quest.

At that point, i create the best party for that CQ

OR, if i am lazy, i create a suitable party from the very beginning, like all sane people usually do