“Which to choose...” - AR-O Astra

So, dilemma. I’m making the probable painstaking choice to fodder Julian to an ARO unit below instead of the boy Rhys cuz they’ll just be more useful… unfortunately. But I still plan on building Rhys someday with a different build tbd.

On topic. I don’t know which to choose. Logic says T1 Brunnya, my heart says T6 Robin… basically their stats are comparable, they just trade Def/res. Their weapons differ. Brunnya nullifies penalties and grants spectrum +4. Robin only has triangle effectiveness to colourless, the way I have him refined now.

I’m thinking Astra ARO. I have BLF Sothe, FIke, and BIke as other teams. Wanting a blue main team. In light I use Micaiah, FLyon, AMCorrin, and probable FKana centric teams. Thinking about a red to add… maybe Sophia.



I would say brunya, i have julian too for fodder but i havent decided a good mage to make use of it, but brunya is in the options.
Brunya is better because has more atk, and nullifies penalties, she might be slow but that can be improved, and close foil patches the def flaw she has against melee fighters.

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Is your Brunnya already +10?
Otherwise Robin would save you 2’700 Grails :feh_robinsmirk:


Brunnya is much more worth it if you’re okay with absolutely pouring all your grails into her. You’re going to be low on grails for awhile though afterwards (TT+ grailie).

M!Robin if you really want to save grails and have trouble with colorless units a decent chunk, though if you have F!Lyon I’d personally just use him instead for that role.

Brunnya is better in almost every way imho, she just incredibly flexible and her prf means she has no problem dealing with out of combat debuffs making her deceptively tanky while giving her bonus stats.


No Brunnya isn’t. I have 7.5k grails, but I foddered 2 Brunnya for Res smoke back in the day… so would cost me 3.6k lol but that would be okay.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I’m swinging more towards doing Brunnya, even though it would be 3.6k haha.

What about this girl instead for Light season? Or if I tried to pull another Julian… probably not a good idea. She can check Brammimond, Yune, and the new Hel though.

The speed lull is kind of wasted? But the fodder use is supreme. Otherwise I’d need a midori and Bramimond/Kiria to fodder for Lull Atk/Res.

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Follow your heart <3

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I have next to no experience with Sophia so I can’t really vouch for her outside of other people saying she’s really good as a ranged tank (usually with DD4).

If you haven’t seen this thread: Whip out your longnecks! (Sophia, you gutterminds) it should give you some build ideas though if you want to see what people run on her.

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Thanks! I will definitely check that out. Okay what about this, total 180 from the topic. This is my Micaiah I currently use with this build in AR light.

She’s a pretty good iceberg ranged but expensive to set up with infantry pulse (lots of C slots) or tricky, and I find I use this guy more in light d/t NFU and it’s ability to shut down bram, Yune, Eliwood, etc.

I can basically switch sides. So what if I did this with Mici instead? Would this be comparable to Brunnya you think?

Seal could be flexible too, like Sturdy stance for more Atk/Def.

What do you think?

Edit: I guess a plus would be it saves me the grails and feathers. And yeah I think Corrin does a better job in light atm, and if I add Sophia… hm.

Or is Brunnya just a better idea than Micaiah? Idk haha. She does have dual effectiveness though.

Brunnya is fantastic, I think she deserves her top AR tier rating. When she came out, I put a Grail project on hold to finish her first. She’s the only non-five-star-exclusive to have penalty negation, which is very nice. I use her as my blue tank in Light season with 2x Peony and 1x Mila and it’s quite effective. Several builds are good on her.

But, you can play around lacking penalty negation by building (a) support(s) that can soak Chills and Shrines and whatnot. The trouble with that is when you run multiple teams and you have to cover different stat spreads for each tank, dual chills, etc., so it gets complicated.

Anyway, who else would you spend Grails on? That’s really the question to ask about whether to use them for Brunnya, especially at a premium for you.


Yeah thanks man! I definitely do like her, though I’m not sure if you saw above but what do you think about the same build on my already built Micaiah? I mean, the plus is it saves me feathers and grails. Micaiah can’t block debuffs, but she does have dual effectiveness and a similar stat line. Any thoughts on that?

I find Robin an extremely tough sell in Astra season when Thrasir is ubiquitous. It’s also rough for Brunnya, but she’s at least immune to Killing Intent as long as her HP stays full and her Res is much higher than Robin’s. However she really wants as much Spd as possible so she doesn’t get doubled – it’s generally recommended for her to run Atk/Spd Solo in Astra because she can’t afford to let Thrasir double her. I don’t know how well Micaiah holds up against Thrasir, but since she is vulnerable to the debuffs that proc Killing Intent, I don’t have a lot of confidence she’ll do better than Brunnya.

If you intend to use Robin or Micaiah, you’d best have a really, really good answer to Thrasir on the same team.

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Thank you! That’s a valid point for sure. Well I have a dif team with FIke, and I could potentially put them together on a team. Some great things to think about.

Currently building Brunya, 4 merges to go or like the bulk of the grails left to go. I hit T26/27 very often, so the grails do come back somewhat quickly. I still need to HM grind some fodder though. My Brunya is unused at the moment, but hoping to change that. I’ve seen countless recommendations to build her and she became my next priority a few months back.

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Yeah that’s awesome. I’ve pretty much ruled out Robin at this point. My big question is whether Micaiah would perform the same as Brunnya in AR Astra, which would save me resources if I didn’t build her. I’m also thinking modes outside of AR and general use, and Micaiah, being a favourite, would get a lot more use than Brunnya I do know that haha. Choices eh

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As I’m waiting on Grails for Brunya and for the gatcha to give out 2 more Chad merges, I am finally taking a moment to work on a favorite unit, which happens to be M! Robin. I got his resplendent as well. Since the game launched I’ve been wanting to build him, but AR projects/Arena projects have been the focus for far too long. Doing this because I’ve wanted to, and until I get closer to 350 grails for Brunya and I don’t get a Chad merge, then feathers are going to complete my Robin.

Last 60k feathers went to his last 3 merges. He was +2 for the longest time then when I found out about his update, I made him a primary focus. OG Marth is also on the docket too, and he’s been at +5 for way too long. He had only stopped as I had run out on merges like 2 years ago, and now have way too many copies. Robin was bonfire fodder for a while, but I have enough copies now to complete and still some for bonfire.

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Looks very nice man! I do like him as a character so u may still +10 with a different build for different uses than AR.

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With enough spd stacking (solos/lull), low merged Thrasir does ting ting on my +6 Brunnya. But an IP charged Thrasir is a different story - she can punch through res and does a chuck of dmg. Pulse smoke will make life easier.

Support is also very important. My Corrin with double distant guards play a huge role to her tankability.

Thanks! Yeah I think I’m pretty much set on building Brunnya, as much fun as giving the skills to my amazing Micaiah would be.

I don’t have Pulse smoke for her yet, so she will have attack smoke. But these two will provide great support in the form of pulse mitigation and bonus doubler.

I decided I think I’ll build Brunnya for Astra, I’ll also have a team with Sophia on it and that will be helpful. I figured out how to get Micaiah’s special ready for Distant iceberg sweep so I’ll keep her the way she is on light season. Forgot Rafael can give 2 CD to support (one with Prf and one with IP) so that’s what he will do. Definitely will help her down even impact units.

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