Which to choose between Zenkai 18 or pulling at the LF Vegeta and Cell Banner?

I have acquired Lf Vegeta and Cell at two and three stars respectively. Still have another 5k CC. I also have android 18 at 14 stars. Should I zenkai her or try to pull more of those two? Side bar: Am not interested in Hybrid Saiyan so definitely not investing there

Please send screenshot of your Android team. Then I will suggest whether Zenkai 18 or LF Majin Vegeta is the better option.

Ideally, I would’ve already zenkai’d 16 but missed it by a hair. But obviously if I zenkai 18 rn then would zenkai 16 in the future whenever it’s available again.

My current PvP team is this which is why I’m leaning a little towards investing in the Vegeta banner cuz that way I might also pull a little more of Kefla and maybe Android 21 who I’m missing and is an integral part of the Android team.

The problem with going for the Zenkai 18 route is that you only have two good Androids. Revival Perfect Cell and Zenkai 18 will be the only two good ones. Android 17 (pur) and Super 17 aren’t good either. I recommend going on the LF Majin Vegeta Step up just because (like you mentioned earlier) you might pull more Keflas and maybe Majin Vegeta, with whom you can make a new team (Vegeta Fam or Saiyans). My opinion is that you should go for the LF Majin Vegeta Step up. There are alot of good units in the new banner and your rooster will be improved.
One more thing you could do is make a pseudo Female Warrior/Android team. Use Revival Perfect Cell (red), Zenkai 18 (yel) and Kefla (grn).
Take the route you see fit. Hope this helps.

Thanks a ton man. I didn’t get LF Vegeta again but now I have Revival Perfect Cell at 6 stars and also pulled Android# 21 and have her at 4 stars. Definitely considering that female warrior build. And I still have almost a 1k cc left so now will zenkai 18. Thanks again for your help

Holy crap didn’t realise her stats were this good otherwise would’ve done it sooner. And to think LF Gohan is even better than this.