Which Top Operator to pull


Pretty new to the game, managed to get a top operator tag which will allow me to pick up my second 6 star.

Current relevant operators:


Tags on roll: Top operator, caster, sniper, vanguard, starter
(Guarunteed: Ifrit, Exusiai, Siege)

I’m not sure which one to get! I could definitely use a good caster so Ifrit is tempting, but I’ve read that her range makes her inconsistent, and that she is often available in the store. Exusiai is tempting but I already have blue poison and meteorite so I’m not hurting for snipers. Siege is also tempting and would round out my vanguards.

I kind of want to just roll the Top operator tag alone for the chance to get shining, nightingale, hosghiguma, or saria which I feel would better fill out my teams current weaknesses, but the risk is I’d potentially get a silverash double :frowning:

I could also roll top operator and starter together to see if the app explodes.

Any thoughts?

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Usually I’d say Exu, but with the units you have I’d actually say Siege, because Zima’s damage is…sad to say the least, and she’s usually just good in vanguard strats


Well as you said Ifrit range is really specific so you will have a bunch of time where she will seems useless, so indeed if you seek out to “fill the gap” in your team, that might not be the top priority.
I personnally like Zima, but it’s true she is really a Vanguard DP farm rather than a DPS Vanguard, so maybe you would benefit of Siege as PessimistPuglet said. I can’t really relate because I don’t have siege, and I have planty of Vanguard so I never encounter that problem.

That beeing said I would say that Exusai is really good, especially her 2nd and 3rd Skill, the fact you have Meteorite doesn’t matter much because the later is a Slow AOE sniper used to cleave wave, while Exusai is a Fast Solo target sniper, that will be really usefull against drone and the like.
I know you have Blue Poison but trust me you won’t have too much sniper, especially if you plan do the Contigency Contract where you will encounter various squads limitation.

DOing it alone can give you something you need such as Saria which is a really good pick IMO, and I doubt you will have SilverAsh Dup , I mean statisticaly that would be really bad luck, but hey I don’t want to comit you in a bad choice so I respect the Exusai or Siege pick.

All in all I personnally think you would benefit more with Exusai , because you can always put Guard instead of Vanguard , and even if you really need DP, Zima could at least hold in battle waiting for your Sniper to kill the target.
So in my own oppinion I would go for Exusai, but PessimistPuglet advice is good too, so up to you.


Usually I’d just default to Exu here, but since you’ve got BP and say you aren’t lacking in Sniper options

Ifrit’s range isn’t really as difficult to deal with as a lot of people make it out to be, but you’re still gonna have to pay attention to where you put her to maximize her DPS potential. I’d recommend Siege over her tho, strong early game mob-killer with some tanking capabilities if you get her decently leveled.


Pull Exu, and S3M3 her as fast as possible and you will have zero regrets. Few operators you just don’t pass on. Eyjafjalla, Saria and apple pie. She’s just game changing.

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Considering your current operators and that you’re account is fairly new, I’d go with Siege or Ifrit.

Siege, once you promote her to E1, makes for a powerful VanGuard. Unlike most other Vanguards, she is strong and tough enough to hold down a lane without having to later be replaced by a Guard or Defender.

Ifrit, as you’ve already been told, has a straight line for her attack range, making positioning her for best effect either easy or tricky depending on the map layout. But even if she cannot target an entire lane, she can still possibly target two lanes with her range, even if it’s only one tile from each lane. Don’t let it discourage you though because her second skill temporarily lowers the DEF of enemies she hits, and any enemy in her range also has their RES lowered. Thus, she helps make it easier for others to kill enemies in her range. Position her right and she can be a major help to the team.

Exusiai is great, don’t get me wrong, but for now you have Blue Poison to rely on. While her DPS isn’t as high as Exu’s, she’s still a great Sniper in her own right.

Siege or Ifrit would help your team more at this point.


Thanks for your responses everyone! I was leaning towards Siege…

Then I pulled Eunectes, so I went with exusiai since I no longer need anyone to hold down a lane lol

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Congratz for pulling a snek waifu, but imo she is a poor choice for lane blocking.

Yeah by herself for sure, but if i double her up with a vanguard or another tank she is unstoppable