Which type of Grand Servant would Shirou Emiya be if there would be a chance?

I got a random thought that if Shirou was given a chance what would be his class if he were a grand servant. I think that it would be savior of saver.

grand chef


Shirou’s skills with swords are me so not saber,he have never use a spear so not lancer,he don’t know how the drive so not rider ,he is not an assassin, he has not going ultra berserk for been a berserker, he is a thirth rate mage at best so no pretty much the caster ,he is super religious or and edgelord so not ruler or avenger ,arche is his best chance and he is compiting with the super Orión!

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That will be perfect for him



Well as far as pure skill he’s too varied to fit into the “grand” category of any class

I don’t think Grand Shounen is an option, so he gets no promotion.

I’m much more interested in Grand Avenger and Grand Foreigner…

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Grand Dork

Grand Faker
hey Gil, get away from my laptop


Hopefully none

grand harem master


Gilgamesh could not be the Grand Archer, but he is the Grand Zashu

He seems to favor swords (and copies them all the time, to be honest) so I would think he should be a Saber, actually.

He might qualify for Shielder as well because he has Rho Aias.

Aias the Great grumbles about fakers stealing his noble phantasm and becoming well-known for it


Grand Faker

Since Grands can only be of the main 7 classes, probably Saber or Archer?

Or lancer, with Taiga’s poster!

speaking of grand servants

Very trustworthy leaks

here are the leaks that beast lair got from datamining the game, all 4 remainder grand servants, and even 3 replacement for the ones we already got are revealed
very trustworthy

We already know Shiki is actually the grand saber cause it was mentioned by a very trustworthy source that someone shared to reddit about 3 weeks ago(i think) , since she can cut anything in existance, was actually implied in the KnK event, her bunny eart outfit is also how she unleashes her true power , as she fused with Bunny Artoria and hence has her voice and Excalibur too. Shes probably gonna be our main ally in Lostbelt 6 as shes the only one that can defeat Beast VI/L Manaka, who actually fused with morgana, merlin and spirit dragon albion, who is revealed to be type mars.

Grand lancer is revealed to be a Shinji psuedo servant who fused with Odin and wielding Gungnir , making him a stronger god killer than shishou, this was revealed in a material book of Heaven feel, where nasu stated in the fgo verse, shinji went through something similar to what shirou went through, and instead of avalon and kerry, he was picked up by the former grand lancer whose identity is still unknown and gave him gungnir, with Odin’s 2 bird following him. He’s our main ally for a crossover event where we find ourselves in another norse lostbelt, one where Baldr is revealed to have survived and went mad and took over the world after he killed loki and also stopped raganarok.

Grand Rider is actually a sieg in his true fafnir form, which they revealed in the apocrypha event actually, but because hes guarding the greater grail in the reverse side of the world, which was revealed to hold beast VI/R , he cant follow us nor do anything, he just created a terminal for us to fight with, tho he weakened and even swapped to the caster class as a result. We’ll see him again in Fate/apocrypha 2 which will happen after we get the rerun, where Beast V/R who is probably Nero finally breaks free and cause havoc in the reverse side of the world, which will be tied to Lostbelt 6 presumably.

We dont know who Grand berserker is, but we do know the twist with it is that, Anyone can be grand berserker, because it doesn’t exist. The grand berserker is just the person whom in the current time of when they are needed, go the most mad. The voice actor however is revealed to be rie takahashi , and with the current development of the story, mashuu s most probably grand berserker.

The other 3 candidate that replaced the former grands have also been revealed in the same leak, and will appear in Lostbelt 5.2 actually.

Because of her feats of killing an immortal god odyessus, Charlotte got promoted to Grand Assassin. She’s gonna be one of the 3 new allies we’ll get in Atlantis who will help us take down zeus.

The original grand caster is revealed to actually not be a servant, but the wielder of fourth magic, Hakuno the MC of fate/extra who in this timeline didnt fall into a coma, and fused with the Hakunos from all the other extraverse timeline. His powers are still a mystery but its revealed he can summon and control Amaterasu. He’s the 2nd ally we’ll get in Atlantis and hes in charge of taking both parts of Beast V, Tamavitch and Echinda.

Grand Archer replacement is A Lostbelt version of Heracules. Hes actually the Heracules from a slightly different Atlantis, one where its divergence was similar to the atlantis we’re at right now, but in his lostbelt he managed to sync up with Pan human Heracules and realised his world was wrong and singlehandly took down his entire lostbelt and got rewarded to be the grand archer in Return. He came to our aid in the last hour, our final ally for Atlantis and he’s the one who help us took down wodime after he absorbed zeus and killed charlotte, as well as a full powered sefar who was revealed to be sleeping under olympus.

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