Which type of vanguard is better? normal DP-recovery or DP-recovery on kill?

As the title say, so basically between Texas and Zima versus Grani and Vigna, which one better in you guys opinion? or maybe using 1 of normal DP-recovery and 1 of DP-recovery on kill?

It changes based on the map, honestly. Some maps you need the extra DP generation of a dedicated skill to make ends meet on cost to get units out in time, other times you get an influx of oneshotable enemies that makes a DP on kill more efficient.

In maps where your DP generation is halved or removed, DP generation on skill is the way to go. It’s much more reliable, as DP on kill needs to actually get that kill to generate DP and you can’t always guarantee that.

But man, let me also just advocate the hell out of Vigna in general. This girl is so freaking good. I’ve got her E2’d because she just does horrifying amounts of damage between her skill2 and her passive. Between her and Courier I don’t even need any of the higher rarity Vanguards I’ve pulled, since they cover my offensive and defensive niches respectively.

The long story short of this though is that the two roles really can’t be compared against each other as a ‘this one is 100% better than this one all the time’ thing, because they each have their spots they shine. I would personally recommend to level all of them when you get the chance and use them interchangeably as the stage requires.

@Adumu thanks mate for your answer. It’s just too comfortable to use texas and zima since the start and now, the recent stages (and the event) made me have a second thought about my vanguard choice (the cost and refund). In my defense, it’s feel nice when you saw your DP reach the cap at 99 XD

I 100% understand lol. Like I said, Courier does not leave my team for any reason whatsoever unless I literally cannot deploy him. That DP generation on skill use is super useful and I do recommend to always have at least one in the team. It’s a core role in my opinion, someone needs to be doing it.

In most cases, I bring Vigna and Courier. Both of them are E2’d, my only E2 units at that, because I adore both of them and they’re super useful.

Some maps require you to have a lot of DP generation, but very few maps require you to have DP-Refund. It’s much more niche in total. But the DP refund on kill Vanguards are usually the more offensively skilled units. I don’t really use my Vigna for her DP refund or generation on kill, I use her because I’ve watched her one or twoshot basically anything that isn’t a boss or heavy unit. I once watched her kill a Butcher in four hits because her talent went off.

Dp on kill is not usually needed but really useful on some maps in early waves while passive dp recovery is more useful

Depends on situation, for example you can’t really complete LS-5 Without a Vigra/Plume AND a C+ DP on Skill.

Check out my LS-5 guide for example, used 3 vanguards

The description explains how to build a team for the stage, hope this helps :slight_smile:

I uses always only 1 Vanguard, Courier.

I place him in a safe zone or even out of battle.

His purpose is to give me 10 DP each time his ability trigger. In short, he farms DP for me until i won’t need it anymore.

After i have reached the max number of operators, and i have stored enough DP, i make Courier retreat and place another better suited Operator whenever i need it

(I will consider using Vanguard in battles if i can grab the not-yet-released 5* vanguard girl)

The closest thing i use as vanguards…

In my old cancelled account, Projekt Red (soon or later she’ll come even in this account)

Gravel. I love her fast attack and she is very nice in general. Plus, already potential level 4 because i keep finding Fast-Redeploy in Recruitment Tags