Which unit disappointed you the most & which unit were you happiest with when you maxed them?

I should preface this by saying I don’t have any maxed out units yet, but the most disappointing unit I’ve raised was probably Tamamo Cat. I like her personality and character but her performances as a unit aside from farming are pretty lackluster because of her many downsides. She was one of my two 4☆s along with Carmilla when I started and it’s kinda disheartening but I feel I need to bench her for a better berserker.

The units I’m most happy with are definitely Lancelot Saber cause I really like his crit playstyle and Blavatsky since I didn’t raise a support before I got her and she makes life so much easier.

That said, which units did you find disappointing or didn’t meet your expectations and which units are you most proud of raising?


Probably the one I’m most proud of for now…
It’s this beautiful Yandere here:

I got max her skills to 10/10/10 just a few months ago. And I think back then was that Intderlude campaign, which gave me a chance to catch up with all my interludes, which was honestly a lot.
And I somehow thought: “There’s so many interludes, so many different classes. Grab at least one strong Berserker so as not to have to change you whole team every time.”
So far I always used Kiyohime for EXP farming until she reached Bond 10 and after that she was benched, sadly. So this was more or less the first time I used her in regular battles.
Boy! I was so positively surprised! If her DEF-buff is on level 10, she really can take some damage. I had no problem fighting with her as a main DPS at all. And it felt soooo good. I really can’t wait for these Bond Grails now. I want to use her more and more now.

As for most disappointing/didn’t meet my expectations… That’s a bit harder, because by now I always check up Servants beforehand to get the gist of what they are meant to do.
There’s just one instance from when I didn’t check on gameplay stuff. In my early days, when there was this campaign with the free SR Ticket, you could pick one of the Tutorial Servants. And I had no strong Saber back then.
So I thought I’d pick up d’Eon, because she’s an SR Saber. So naturally, she has to be strong, right? Yeah… She definitely has her uses. But not the uses I had in mind for her. So that left me quite disappointed. There you go.


Rama was pretty disappointing. I really liked him in America, so I was excited when he spooked me. But, he spooked me on the same 10x roll when saberlot came home and didn’t have resources for 2 sabers back then. Saberlot showed up again a week later, so he went first.

When I finally got around to leveling and using Rama during Shimousa where demonic lancers live… Yeah only time I felt like I got decent damage was when bride went first providing def down and overcharge for the trait damage :fgo_deadinside:

On the other hand, saberlot is amazing and I was super excited when I finally maxed his gold fous. And then he showed up again for np3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Edgiya always felt short. As my understanding he’s suppose to be a fusion of kuro and squortoria yet he can’t do neither of the job even as a budget option for both.

Raikou lancer on the other hand is an absoulute unit and worth every SQ and hype people make out of her. When you go double raikou with nightingale there isn’t much that can stand in your way.


Most disappointed by Chiron. My only other leveled up archers were EMIYA and Euryale so I was excited to see he had an ST NP and good supportive skills. Turns out he hits like a wet noodle. Still good as a support but that’s all he can really do.

Happiest surprise was Altria Lancer Alter. Saw she had an AOE NP and low NP gain and chalked her up to a farming servant. She would later buster crit people’s faces off and I currently take her to boss fights more than my previous lancer, Cu Proto.


I can second LanceRaikou and Lancer Alter. I have them both, and though I have no SSR lancers, I feel no need to get one.

Obviously, I am happiest about my girl, Musashi.

Biggest disappointment, I got Brave Liz to level 80, 6/5/4 right before I got Musashi. So many wasted proofs…


I’m the opposite lol. I only have Enkidu as my main lancer and while he’s pretty tanky and can clutch a win, his damage is pretty lacking aside from his NP. I’ve heard great things about lancer Raikou and Lancer Altria Alter tho, would really like to have one of them.


A disapointing unit? I would say Fionn, because he isn’t as bad as the people make him look at first, so i could can him a positive disapointment?
Happy for maxing? I think that Bride, Salter or Tomoe.
Bride is a amazing servant that have been super helpful, she may not be maxed but still great
Salter is super strongth and she can deal with the last wave of almoust all my faming without caring about class (exept if is a Archer with 42k of HP or higher)
Tomoe hits hard and help the team to help her, i can’t say a lot of reasons with her because she is pretty straight forward but i still happy


Nero Bride and Tamamo are my most happy projects. Bride has 1560 Golden Fou on both stats and Tamamo has 1160 now. Then comes Quetzaltcoatl, who is maxed skills as well and with 1220 on both foes. She was superseded by Kintoki Rider with DSS but she still holds a place in my heart and sees use on the rare battle where 3T strategies fail with my roster. And the same can be said about Nerdo-chan, even if her summoning was bittersweet because what it took to summon her. Okita I will feel really happy once she is maxed out.

Stupid dragon fangs, I hate them.

Servants that have disappointed me… Mmm, not so much as disappointment but they were replaced by far, FAR, better choices. In the past, Elizabeth Saber, Santa Lily and Santa Artoria were my most reliable 4* servants during combat, but I later got Altera and Fran Saber and eventually Okita, so Elizabeth was soon benched with Fran. Altera’s AoE NP will be replaced when that quick saberface servant comes to NA.

In the case of Lily, I got Artoria Lancer and she killed things better with stronger NP and crits but now I use Valkyrie with DSS, and both got benched. I don’t know if I should grail to 85 or 90 Valkyrie because I want even more firepower because reasons. And finally, Santa Artoria was replaced by Drake, and even with the Skadi system, I still use her because Summer Ishtar’s refund sucks and I don’t have my own Waver to make plugsuit strategies.


Rama. Probably Rama. Although, a measure of the hype came from when I still listened to review stuff out of curiosity before simply reading up on Servant details and coming to my own opinion, before listening to review junk far later (I like having some background noise).

He’s billed as this monstrous crit unit. And that’s not wrong, exactly. Every 4T (or 5, if you’ve not put in the b o n e s and lore for him like I have, sitting at 8/8/8), he makes the enemies explode. Especially if paired with Merlin. He even has a niche, and some hard survival! What’s not to love?

Turns out the answer is pretty much everything for me. It’s not difficult to make anyone into a crit unit with Merlin around, and Rama mercifully has a starpull attached to his 1T 100% crit amp, but even back in the day I could have also just like… used my raised Hans and some 2030s, His niche is functionally irrelevant, and his Guts is the second-worst with its 3T duration (it’s not “basically irrelevant”-tier like Gawain’s 1T Guts I guess). He’s gotten more disappointing with time, never mind with how I got Lancelot (Saber) not too long after, who was pretty much a strict upgrade for all I enjoy Rama as a unit and character. He needs something more.


Other than martha i think maxing mash felt really good. The solid 20 defense helped a lot making my servants survive, second skill having 20 charge allowed servants with regular scope np and finally the satisfaction of using 3rd skill and using 1-2 of her arts card to full charge her np is unbelievable.

Least happy would be elizabeth. Maxed her first skill to 10 not knowing almost every servant’s 3turn buff has 5 turn cd

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sure he can’t loop or has instant np ready but he’s got his own niche of being tanky. his first skill maxed gives solid %50 defense with damage cut. Give him defense ce or throw waver and mash then he can survive without taking damage

I only need him for np drain, which he can’t reliably do that. If i need a tanky archer then that CQ is pretty much impossible for me so i’ll prefer a squirtoria(support) solo rather than use edgiya with a team.
I rolled him just for being cool and got him because i was a fresh master who didn’t unlock many spookable servants anyway. I still find him cool but too edgy for my taste. After learning there are better 3 stars i kind of regret focusing on him.

When I mean maxed I mean minimum 9/9/9 skills
Very tough to use for new players or those who don’t really understand what she brings. She’s semi retired now due to being bond 10 up until we get bond 11-15. SSR aoe berserkers need special bonus modifiers to match np damage let alone sr’s. There are things most aoe berserkers could only dream of one shotting that fran can at equivalent np levels. DSS compatibility elevates her use and can’t wait to unretire her later this year. Worth all the grails and gold fous

No major disappointment just mild ones
BB-not really as useful as I expected Has found a use in dss system with fran recently
Cas Liz- Just so outclassed now. Has been outclassed for almost 2 1/2 years now. Not even close to being average most offensive 3 * casters are superior


I was very, very disappointed with my gssr this new year.
MHXA came to me, I was like " so many ppl prise her, some say bad thing about her, but she is quick, I am sure thets why".

I was so wrong.
She feel so deam BAD.
She feel bad at anything. Poor star gen, poor skill set, poor survivability, low damage. Mediocre np gen for a quick.
So bad. I swear, I tried to make her work. She alweys feel bad.
Even with skadi , all she gets is a good damage increase, but skadi can’t fix all of mhxa problem.
Not at all.

And obviously, the servant for who I made an oath of whale, my most amazing, incredible and so deam cool best lioness. Atalanta Alter.
Funny how, another st quick berserk can feel so different.
She is literally awesome.
So fun to play. Such cool animation. So berserky.
I grailed her to 100 BEFORE even trying her just for waifu, and she never disappointed. She simply feel good. In solo, in team.
She does not need something like skadi to be viable. She is simply good.
I love to play her, and I have cleared any cq since with her at least once .


Billy, Euryale and Orion…not exactly disappointed in their performance. More like disappointed I raised them but never ended up using them :sweat: I raised Billy because I liked his character, but I don’t have the necessary servants to run quick teams. Euryale and Orion I raised for Camelot because everyone was recommending it, but I ended up getting through it with just my regular DPS.

Gramps was my happiest moment, because I was sick and tired of farming deadly poisonous needles. Maxed husbandos brought me great joy, but perhaps not as much sheer relief.


Do I see excuses to talk more about Billy and Euryale (who I’ve used far past Camelot in fact)? :fgo_ereshwoah:

I kid, I kid, you use or don’t use who you use or don’t use. I just find them useful even now (and in fact took Billy out for the Shimousa Memorial Quest and boy did he shine).


Please don’t kill me, but my biggest disappointment is QSH. I know, i’m sorry, I must be using him wrong and that disappointed in an LB king is heresy.

When I first got him I thought “neat, a Ruler that can crit and an actual SSR taunt tank” but after maxing him I found that he really struggles with stars, even with two 2030 Casters backing him. His Quick is just horrible. It has all those hits but still manages to not gen stars or NP. And his Arts are rather bad, even with crits he never fills more than 30%. His Busters are the only facecard valuable, if only because Buster always does their job. I haven’t found the ultimate comp that allows him to loop and stack his crit buff because he needs too many bases covered. I never know if he wants stargen, NP charge, or NP gen CE equipped.

All of that is why I gave up the QSH dream. He looks amazing on paper, but I don’t prefer slow teams or solo teams.

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This is my only reason for rolling him