Which unit do you think has fallen off the most?

  • Takumi
  • Bridal Cordelia
  • Sothis
  • Thrasir
  • Brave Claude
  • Other (Comment)

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I don’t think any unit can compare to how much Takumi has fallen

Top tier for quite a while after launch only to be stomped into the ground more and more by basically every new premium archer and suffers from early refine syndrome. Even Close Counter isn’t very good anymore thanks to Saviors being so broken

I don’t think Cordelia has fallen off as much as Brave Bows have fallen off; she can still be alright with the Ninja Yumi after all, but the low Might means she can’t break through Saviors easily and DR remains a problem.


I mean, most of these aren’t even fair since the 3 later gen units while have fallen still have good uses. Claude for example is still a good unit(Have to boost his Spd a bit though) and so long as he doesn’t hit Fatal Smoke, which isn’t as common as most would say, he’s still works like he’s intended. Biggest issue besides FS is that he’s getting powercrept but that’s the same for every unit.

It’s hard to say between the two gen 1 archers because I rarely came across them in all honesty but when they were in their prime they were top tier. I’d say Takumi left more of an impact though so for him to be nothing more than fodder(BB!Cordelia doesn’t have anything good so I’m not sure if that’s a strength or weakness) after being the unstoppable king that he was. In addition to that he’s been around for so long to fall(Could be said similarly with Cordelia though) higher than the others.

Ya can’t get much worse than “whales would whale for him any day of the week” to “Trio Anna level”. That might be a bit harsh but the man’s fallen hard and for a long and painful while.

Even his best fodder has been powercrept. Man’s got nothing and unlike BB!Cordelia who was skipped with a refinement when the guy came out with a refinement everyone at the time thought it was horrible. Skip ahead a couple years and that shit’s worse.


Also before I keep adding to my comment, I’d say the ones who have fallen the most go like so;

  1. Takumi heavily
  2. BB!Cordelia
  3. Sothis but isn’t nearly as fallen as the other two
  4. Thrasir
  5. B!Claude

Top 2 are damn near worthless with the exception of the most devote fans who can make them viable. Sothis has fallen hard but she’s a mythic and can be put to good use. Thrasir is in the mythic category and has effective damage going for her in addition to being green for the more annoying meta blues… who unfortunately have disabled follow-ups. B!Claude got wrecked by a single skill but still holds plenty of merit. Stats on all of these units haven’t aged the greatest either. They work but no where near as well as they used to.


You know, in hindsight Thrasir really should have had “negates effects that prevent unit’s follow-ups” in her weapon instead of “neutralizes effects that guarantee foe’s follow-up attacks,” especially considering her prf B is a desperation effect. She probably would have aged a lot better if that were the case.


Imo he’s got bigger problems than FS. You can’t heal when you’re dead and units just keep hitting harder and harder to the point where healing 50% of his max HP isn’t enough to keep him alive assuming he even gets that off with pre charged specials becoming more common. He also loses pretty badly to a lot of auto follow up weapons since he has no null follow up or DR.

Takumi is an obvious choice for most fallen off unit but there are still some other units that got it pretty bad. Remember when Effie and Sharena used to be tier 2 or tier 1 on this site? Sharena is now about as useful as the rest of the trio and Effie is pretty much replaced by Benny and possibly Valbar if he gets a good refine.

Or how about Surtr who used to be everyone’s least favorite unit to see for the couple of months after book 2? He’s pretty much a joke now with null follow up, precharged specials and anti guard being more common. You can even bait him on enemy phase now and get off scot free thanks to save armors. And to add insult to injury he’s probably going to take as long to get a refine as Reinhardt and old 3-4 star healers(never).


In the case of Surtr, you can go the pure support route of stacking as much Def/Res as possible and using him as a chip damage bot.

But that’s all you can reliably do with him, and as said above nukes are simply hitting far too hard for him without DR or extra stats.

Can’t even turn him into the basic bitch “Haha Save go brr” because Surtr wants to be the centre of attention, not the coward who hides behind others.
Unless that is you swap the weapon and go for a full Atk/Def Near Save. But at that point you’re not using Surtr for what makes him unique.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Surtr was overblown even back then. Was he annoying? Sure. But he was hardly unkillable. And stuff like Vantage and brazens could use the damage he does against him. Or a decent red mage with axe breaker.



Thrasir will be getting a remix eventually and I imagine it’ll be a full Null Follow-Up built into her weapon when it happens along with some other effects. So while she hasn’t aged greatly now she’ll at least be decent again when her time comes. Especially with the blue meta still being a thing.


I can agree with some of the points on Claude but I’ll leave it at that.

Powercreep will always be a thing so yeah, old gen 1 units will eventually be outclassed entirely but a couple units like Takumi got hit the hardest due to everything they had. Takumi was the original F!Edelgard long before F!Edelgard was a thing. Man never died without heavy sacrifice unless you had a dedicated counter which I believe at the time the units who countered Takumi pretty much only did that.


He was a bit like FEdel in the sense of you needed a unit who was built to deal with him. Properly built ones were a true menace and back then we nowhere near had the tools we have now.


Still, I wouldn’t call him anywhere as bad as Edel. His means of countering were far less specific and much easier to build. I could see the argument being made for arena in particular being troublesome since scoring means you couldn’t necessarily run a build to counter him, but overall I don’t think he was that bad. Certainly annoying and I’m not going to complain about him being gone from PvP, but nowhere near Edel levels of bad.


Yeah I was thinking that too. Her eventual refine and remix could really make her a solid option with the right stuff.


He’s nowhere near Edel level of bad but at the same time, the entire game wasn’t at that kind of level yet unless you knew exactly what you were doing.

To this day FEdel was a mistake but the game’s gotten so utterly ridiculous I don’t care what’s good or not anymore.
Let the game spiral out of control and lose its casuals/income.
Until it does I’ll just blow up abyssals with my rotten pineapple. :pineapple:

I say as I play YGO which is 100x worse and costs a kidney.


Haha Emmeryn joke. Look at how I’m funny and original


Putting Takumi on this list dooms him to be the worst one. The fact he had a refine AND a Resplendent yet sees little play as a result is a testament to how badly he fell off from launch.


Takumi’s refine isn’t completely dead.
Its the fact he has low stats and said refine grants none.

Warping and ignoring trees is still a pretty nice thing to have.

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I voted Takumi because it was the most obvious

But I miss Reinhardt, Dire Thunder needs a refine so badly.


I was being sarcastic about that, I always thought he was overrated, A bunch of players at the time can’t wrap their heads around the idea that there are more kinds of red units than swords and now it’s Surtr’s problem,

Not really. Armor emblem was still popular back then and if you made a good Slaying Hammer unit you killed half of an armor team with that unit alone. With Fedel unless you are using high invested and merged counters then a budget unit with QR and Armor slaying weapons is pretty much dead weight after dealing with Fedel which isn’t fun.


Alfonse with triple Brazen Atk/Def and Vantage be like



The days when triple Brazen Alfonse was actually solid.