Which unit would win A Hero Rises today?

As of now, who do you guys think has a high chance of winning AHR if it was released tomorrow? I already have a bad feeling F!Edelgard would be there alongside L!Byleth but are there any other units you think would be in the top 8?


Off of the top of my head, L. Sigurd and Duo Lif. You already mentioned Fedel and L. Byleth.

I might have to look back at all of the units weve gotten so far.


F!Edel without a fraction of a doubt. The others are good, but only in certain contexts do they reach their full potential.

F!Edel does not care about such trivial things as “modes.” She would win hands down.

Now, CYL has the highest possibility to change that, but there are certainly others down the line.


Wait, AHR is a VG, so who the fuck knows. F!Edel will probably be number one in votes though.


Titania this time for sure


Honestly I could see a few people asking for B!Hector for kicks and giggles. Otherwise F!Edelgard and L!Sigurd would be top 2 without a doubt. I could see V!Mom and Duo!Lif being up there too. Potentially Duo!Catria now that people have been given more of a taste with what she can do? L!Claude is still obnoxious. I guess the last unit I would guess would probably be Gustave for Near Save fodder and having a dumb weapon.

I could see those eight being the ones to move onto a VG. Maybe B!Edelgard(Because people can’t seem to get enough of her…) and L!Byleth.


Ullr because shiny new unit


F!Edel surely. She’s singlehandedly caused the most impact to the way we play the game in as long as I can remember. Upon release, you had to wade through the bogs of F!Edel threads to get to anything, being nearly as obstructive as the myriad of CYL threads that always get made around the voting and release.

The fact is that just this week a beginner was looking for advice, and F2P counters to F!Edel came up immediately, for a complete beginner, that’s proof of the insane amount of influence she’s had.

Aside from her as a unit, throw in the fact it’s Edel, one of the most popular fe characters period, from the most popular fe game.


F!Edel for sure. I’d personally love to see Kid Eirika too. Gustav and Henriette are big enough candidates unless a new shiny far/near save unit comes and then CYL characters will also have lottery tickets to be in ahr.

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It’s hard to predict because people tend to vote for the recent units in AHR and we still have months to come.

F!Edel will be there for sure, it’s a tradition to have her at this point. L!Sirgud is likely too because broken bias.

I would love to see H!Catria though, she is very powerful and strong but she was overshadowed by Edelgard and I don’t see her securing a spot for next February :/


She makes an excellent Edel counter though.

Easily one of if not the best (non-Dancer) supports in the game.

  1. Fedelgard
  2. L!Sigurd
  3. Duo Lif
  4. a Far Save fodder
  5. a Near Save fodder
  6. Bebe Eirika
  7. Ullir?
  8. OG Edel

Surprised everyone’s saying Fatalgard but no one’s saying her hard counter, L-Byleth, lol

I wouldn’t be surprised if Byleth got a bunch of votes purely because people are tired of Fatalgard BS


I mean, Seiros did lose to Lynja last time. OP shit > counters to OP shit most of the time.


Never forget when OG Edelgard got to top 8 of last year’s AHR


Since when was Seiros a counter to OP shit


The only thing she countered was my orb stash


She is crazy good and she can make very powerful teams but I mean that everybody was focused at that time with Edelgard and her banner was seen as skip for most people.

The only thing I remember is people getting salty about her being classified as a SoV hero.


FEdelgard would probably be in the VG. A variation of her has always been in the AHR top 8. She would not win due to VG shenanigans. Fallen Dimitri is also likely to make it because 3H bias. Aside of them I have no clue.

The ones I can see making it too are Nott, LSigurd and LByleth because they are broken and Ullr because recency bias.

Other than those, HCatria and DHilda are great support units and would be amazing as one offs and DuoLif is pretty annoying to face, but I don’t see them making it.

People tend to vote for favorites over meta or useful units, so it’s really a gamble.

My ideal top 8 would be (based on units I don’t have):

  • LSigurd
  • LByleth
  • Ullr
  • Ashera
  • SFreyja
  • HCaeda
  • PHinoka
  • Severa
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Like a lot of people have said, F!Edelgard would absolutely be there. I think people saying units like L!Sigurd, L!Byleth and Ullr are also probably likely. I feel like most of the likely candidates have been said at this point.