Which units would you like to see in future Hall of Forms events?

What are your dream Forma units for upcoming events? So far, I’ve only been interested in one unit, at this rate I’m going to end up with +5 forma souls :feh_sothishook: So what do the players want?

I’ll try to keep my wishlist somewhat realistic, like no Duo!Ephraim for example. Not that I would want him without IV’s anyway

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones: SM!Eirika, Ephraim, Tethys, Joshua

Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn: B!Ike, Micaiah, Reyson, Black Knight

Awakening: B!Lucina, Female Robin, Olivia, Aversa

Fates: Iago, AF!Corrin, Azura, Velouria

Three Houses: Flame Emperor, either Byleth, Ferdinand, Claude

Hall of Forms: Heroes edition: Alfonse, Sharena, Anna and Fjorm (I’m not sure if I want this… On one hand the Askr trio can finally have a merge. I also never invested that much in their kit. On the other hand these are free to play units and it would be unfair to have a merge only available to those that buy the Forma package)


I don’t care because I have no money :feh_berniebulli:


Three Houses (Black Eagles-themed): Byleth (or Bernadetta), Hubert, Edelgard, Ferdinand
Fates: New Year/Summer Corrin, Gunter, Felicia, normal/dancer Azura
Echoes: Tobin, Gray, Kliff, Faye
I’m not going to buy any Forma, just want to make themed teams.


I ain’t got no money so :feh_lucyshrug:

I would like to play around with units like red Micaiah and such. Otherwise I don’t really care


Watch this, Duo units :e7_smugbell:

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I just want one where I can use Tellius units…

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SS: Ephraim, Joshua, Gerik, and Marisa (Id choose any of these)

Not sure if PoR and RD will share, but I’d like Naesala from it. Not that picky and I think he’s likely especially if we get 2

Awakening… is actually hard for me. I don’t want any of the grail units (Aversa would be pointless her build costs nothing). Maybe Chrom since I never feel motivated enough to refine him. If a seasonal Spring? And I always wanted H!Henry I’d Forma him

Fates: Maybe one of the adrift corrins or another unit like Hinata that I never was motivated enough to merge


I would have loved Canas. RIP.

From Tellius: Soren (for a full support build, Ivs wouldn’t be that necessary), any Ike, Black Knight, Halloween Rolf, Haar, Oliver, V!Titania or OG!Titania (less desirable bc ivs matter more here).

From Sacred Stones: OG! Lyon, Cormag, Joshua or Marissa.

From Awakening idk right know.

From Fates… Idk either. NY! Corrin is cute.

From SoV: Rinea or Conrad (he’s cute too okey?)

From 3H no one.maybe Flame Emperor.

I’m mostly interested in grail units, specially those who cost A LOT, and make me question the investment ;;


Nones because I’m F2P and for 5* exclusives I almost always prefer having a boon than being neutral.
And even if I wasn’t F2P, I wouldn’t want a grail unit with it because mines are already fully builded.

The fact we can’t fodder forma to non-forma unit kind of killed the thing for me


OG Roy, Adrift Female Corrin, OG Micaiah, Chrome on a horse


I only see value in the Forma Souls for grail units, since I can’t fodder them and they don’t have boons to merge into. That in mind, I would really like to see Bridal Louise, Marisa, Sigrun, and Female Robin in the upcoming months. Naesala or Xander would be cool, too. I like them enough to want to build them, but their optimal builds would be expensive for me, so getting the skills from Hall of Forms for $30 instead of needing orb packs would be fantastic.


I just want Rinea, or winter Jaffer. But Naesala or other GHB would be nice as well


S!Laegjarn, S!Loki, the other 2 don’t care.

Can I use 2 souls on one group - I know you can’t get multiples of the same character, but getting different characters is unclear.

Useful units so I don’t struggle trying to complete the actual HoF