Which version of Nero is better at damage dealing?

After finishing my FGO budget for the end of the year, I found that I have a little extra quartz for rolls. Ironically, the 2 servants I’m debating on rolling for are Summer Nero and Nero Bride (Xuanzang and Okita are also possibilities but I didn’t see whether the former will have solo rate up separate from Medb and the latter may not get her next rate up). The main deciding factor is Summer Nero’s ability to take on bosses since the best person I currently have to take on assassins of any kind is Raikou (Whose survivability can problematic in longer fights and doesn’t have the best ST damage). Alternatively, I’m looking at Bride, especially now that she has her NP upgrade on NA, because I’ve been trying to build up an arts team ever since the Kiara fight and I don’t have any amazing arts damage/NP spam servants (not interested in archer Altria yet since GSSR gave me NP2 Gil). However, since I have Merlin and not Tamamo or Waver, I’m leaning towards Summer Nero, especially since the only other Caster I have is Caster Liz. Any Recommendations on who would be better in their respective damage roles?

I think Summer Nero is overall the best damage-oriented Caster, despite being AoE, so my money would go there.

While Nero Bride does hit pretty hard, I treat her more like a support that happens to contribute damage via her NP.

Let’s begin with the fact that you’re trying to compare two way different servants
a ST Saber with capabilities of being support
and an AoE Caster, designed to be a great farmer
You must ask yourself which one do you need more. Imo they both are great… even for farming! Bride takes advance when you want to go for 3t setup with Arts (yeah SurfMo, I’m looking at you) or Quick (not yet… sadly) servant
While Caster is self-sufficient if you give her any 50% NP charge CE
Also take look at their rate-up schedule:


  1. early August 2019 - release
  2. New Year 2020 (can be moved earlier to Thanksgiving Day)
  3. Late June/early July 2020 - rerun of Dead Heat Summer Race


  1. September 2019 - Nero Fest
  2. June 2021 - download campaign

If I were in your shoes I’d go for Caster anyway, but even if you sell your soul to Bride, you won’t regret

Bride will do more single target damage and caster more AoE.

Bride is a semi-support and np spammer so her np damage can at times be underwhelming but by using her buffs on her self along with Tamamo can do some nice damage upto 3 times in a row.

I can only give hearsay on caster Nero but she is supposed to be the best overall AoE damage caster. That said, she supposedly still suffers from caster damage multiplier and being AoE.


Even after her upgrade the damage is still really underwhelming imo. I prefer saberlot for st saber damage myself. But something unique to bride is the def down and burn on her np last a whole 5 turns, which was so useful against those stupid crabs. When rng favored me I could fire off an np while 2 previous def down were still in effect. I do use her mostly as semi support these days, but sometimes she is the right dps for the job.

I agree in overall, but, to clarify, Da Vinci can beat Nero (Caster) after Tamamo’s 1st skill SQ + best case scenario of supports and CEs. However, it’s very rare that you need to consider that sort of damage, so it’s more of a can you replace Waver for Merlin deal between Nero (Caster) and Da Vinci.

In terms of what? Before factoring supports: NP1 she’s the strongest single target Saber, NP2 Musashi passes her, and NP5 Okita and Bride are neck and neck.

The only thing Lancelot (Saber) beats Bride at is having an easier time at critting. In terms of actual crit damage, Bride is better.


She deals a lot of damage in her bridal dress to people who waifu her. Especially when they can’t pull her.

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My saberlot is np2 and grailed to 90. His np still outdamages my np1 bride post interlude, even more so with overcharge. Sure bride’s command cards might hit a bit harder, but she doesn’t crit nearly as consistently without help and bride’s non crit cards don’t hold a candle to saberlot’s frequent and self supplied crits.

Are we only considering their NP burst or damage through normals as well?

Of course Nero (Caster) deals more damage from normal attack, especially because she has QAABB deck and 2 ATK buff skill.

Not exactly. It would be either New Years 2021 or Thanksgiving 2020.

First off, one thing I forgot to mention in my previous post was about equal NP levels.

However, there are things you are factoring into the equation and aren’t telling us. From self-buff only case:

  • NP2 level 90 Lancelot (Saber) = [11993 * 12 * (1+.3) * 0.9 * 0.23] = 38727 minimum attribute/neutral damage

  • NP1 level 90 Nero (Bride) = [12607 * 12 * 0.9 * 0.23 * (1+.4)] = 43842 minimum attribute/neutral damage

Now, I can certainly think of reasons as to why Lancelot (Saber) can pull ahead of Nero (Bride), but math doesn’t lie here, and Nero (Bride) is still the better of the two when it comes to NP damage for general damage dealing purposes. Start factoring in all the other nuances when it comes to the damage formula (e.g CEs, supports, attributes), and things can change to Lancelot (Saber)'s advantage.

Edit: Also, to get back to the whole crit damage comment I made in my original post, Lancelot (Saber) will only do better on crit damage when he uses his NP, assuming they both have their main damage buffs active.

NP burst since Tamamo’s 1st skill SQ provides NP Damage Up for others.

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Heck, you’re right, sorry for this
For some reason by brain coded it year earlier…

Nero Bride has given me the best gift of all… by letting servants that cant back to back np do so with a fat stack of stars to go with it. With a thicc amount of health and def and health target-able skill shes helped me out more times then I could count.


I definetely could have not said it better. I find kinda weird that a SR Arts saber (even Lans who is a SSR in disguise to me) can outdamage Bride. Even at NP2 Lans is not stronger. normal damage wise, than NP1 Bride (I have tried that many times). Now about DaVinci vs Caster, they are about equal, and maybe Nero skills are friendlier, but if we talk about NP power, my money still goes to DaVinci. Especially once her NP gets upgraded.

I have to recognise, Nero Bride is more of a gamechanger than her Caster version. I can’t count the amount of times she has saved my ass both with her damage or her skills.