Which will you roll first? GSSR or Castoria

Which are you rolling first?

  • GSSR (Start out on a high note)
  • Castoria (I’M DONE WAITING)

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I’m interested to see peoples tendencies, personally, as much as I would like to save it for last (hopefully not as a pick me up), I think i’m going to do the GSSR first just so there is no chance I accidentally roll the 15 paid quartz I have saved.


GSSR is always the cherry on top for me (good or bad).


Technically, the GSSR, but I’m debating whether to roll for Da Vinci first in case I change my mind on which GSSR year to roll if I don’t get a second copy. (Technically, because I’m not planning to roll for Castoria.)

Usually I roll GSSR immediately though.


i’ve rolled 7 gssrs. 4 of the 7 i got the servant 1 wanted least, aka did not want. 1 i got a 4th copy of a servant i don’t use. and the other 2 i got a servant that was meh tier. gssrs have never been a “high note.”


Gonna roll GSSR first, but I know it will be a disappointment. Hopefully Castoria doesn’t pull me more into the abyss.

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Castoria first so even if I fall I still get SOMEthing. I have a feeling my luck is pretty used up this year.

So much hype for Castoria :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes me feel a bit left out, as if I’m missing something.

Anyway, if I had chosen to roll for her, I would have rolled the GSSR first out of fear of spending paid Sqz for a normal 10x roll and then finding myself unable to roll the GSSR


Last Anni I got one of the worst results possible (following a New Year that resulted in my #1 Jackpot, so it evens out) and getting Da Vinci quickly afterwards eased the pain.

GSSR comes first in this Chaldea.


I have consigned GSSR to the sunk cost fallacy. Rolled on 2 different ones got lower middling results on both. NP1 Malter that I literally never field outside of facecarding summer nodes because I have Skadi and NP3 pirates. As well as NP1 Shuten who is very difficult to field until 5.5 drops and I can get both her battery and append leveled.

Not bad results but if the results were bad it would be easy to say stop, if they were good it would be easy to continue, but they’re just uninspiring. So no GSSR for me, maybe on a better lineup but the mehs in every category this year are massive.


I did think when writing it that “high note” might be a bit presumptuous

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GSSR, prepare catalysts, then Castoria

Roll for her or else :fgo_seibagun:

jk, we all have our priorities and even if you decide you want her later she has 2 other banners.


I always have low expectations for GSSR so I will roll it after Castoria.


I will probably roll for Castoria first, 1 copy is enough.
After that GSSR, I still have 23 leftover paid SQ from Thanksgiving.
GSSR roll always gives gold, so that will be fun to keep for the end of the rolling session this time.


GSSR first. I like my guaranteed disappointment to roll into genuine disappointment.


Seeing as I’m willing to get into paid quartz to work on picking up a second Castoria for better attack buffing (since a lot of my premier Arts choices will need the help on occasion, many being NP1), I’ll go for her first in the hope that leftover paid quartz will have the GSSR take care of itself. If I’m lucky enough to get a pair of Castorias without having to go paid, I might even hold off until I do some Lolivinci rolls.


GSSR first, because it’s always good to see who will answer my call, and I hope it’ll be AA!

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Even if I would, and I honestly don’t want, the biggest problem is that I have no sqz save for what’s needed for the GSSR

Castoria first, then stop rolling, coz i’m f2p lol


Castoria first, I have my sq calculated so that if I spend everything I still have exatly 15sq for the GSSR :fgo_ereshmentarymydear: